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Content:// – All the mobile users are eagerly waiting for the finest antivirus software to protect the malware and must install the avast antivirus on your Android phone to protect the virus. If yes, then you must not overlook Avast Mobile Security, a free anti-virus application program for your android mobile phone.

Avast Mobile Security has 2 versions, one for free and the other for paid-for use. However, for individuals using the free version which isn’t ideal. Premium versions are intended for businesses that require high security.

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Protect Your Privacy

Avast Mobile Security helps protect your phone from hackers who would like to gain access to your phone.

-Help to block spam and calls

-Secure folders, photos, and applications using passwords or fingerprint.

-Make sure you change your IP, if you require it.

Prevent potential threats

-Avast Mobile Security helps detect and validate malicious software prior to installing.

-Be sure to check for threats and security weaknesses on your device, if you have there are any.

Protect your data remotely

This feature can help you stop hackers from gaining access to information and also helps to recover your devices in the event of theft of data.

Increase performance

Get rid of junk regularly, which frees memory and make phone run faster.

Increase the life of your battery.

With the impressive capabilities of Avast Mobile Security program, which Fchise has recently described. It is safe to install the app on your mobile without any worries.

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Advantages AVAST Mobile Security ANTIVIRUS for ANDROID

In a marketplace flooded by an array of antivirus apps for mobile devices and services, it can be difficult to pick a program which is suitable for your needs. Do you wish to purchase security software or download a cost-free security application? A no-cost mobile antivirus service that offers amazing security features is called the avast Mobile Security.

With the help of avast! Mobile Security, you’ll be able to secure the security of your Android mobile phone as well as or tablet.

This antivirus comes with the following characteristics:


It provides on-demand analysis of all the programs are installed on the device, in addition to the contents of your memory card. It is also able to scan for newly downloaded or new applications.

You can modify the antivirus program to schedule scans, and also perform updates. You can also customize your antivirus to eliminate suspect files as well as uninstall unwanted programs.

App Manager

If you’re familiar with Task Manager, you will feel right at home with Avast! Mobile Security App Manager. Application manager lists an overview of the applications that are running on your device, along with their size as well as CPU utilization and the amount of memory and active service use . By using Application Manager, users are able to remove or end running applications.

What I am highlighting here is that you can determine how many KB or MegaBytes (KiloBytes and Megabytes) each app uses in accordance with the type of connection being used, such as Wi-Fi, 3G or roaming.

Privacy report

This new feature will provide you with a summary of every attempt to access rights as well as the motives of the installed applications. This will give users an insight into the amount of information you’re giving to every application.


A firewall, or the firewall feature offers an effective defense against hackers’ attempts to take over devices on your smartphone. The firewall can block the app’s Internet connectivity if the firewall deems it to be malicious, and also prevent the disclosure of personal data.

Application Blocking

It lets us restrict access to applications that we’d like to use, for instance messages to our photo gallery Facebook or other. In order to do this, it’s required to set up a 4 or 6-digit password.

Filter Calls and SMS

It allows you to block incoming messages and calls from the list of numbers that are grouping them into groups that we can make or from unknown numbers.

Information on data flow

Provides an overview of the amount of the MB (Mega Bytes) utilized by apps using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. You can also see what data that is transferred between and to devices on mobile.

This tool can be useful for those who want to have an overview of the data usage you are using by dates: day month, or year. It also grants you access to the Application Manager to make necessary changes to your apps.

This antivirus is a reliable secure solution to protect your Android phone. Protects against malicious programs such as viruses, malware, viruses and spyware. In this post, I’ve attempted to be concise in describing the primary capabilities offered by Avast! Mobile Security.

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