Project Pioneer Review – Scam or not?


Dropshipping is an excellent option for those who want to start their own online retail business. Dropshippers don’t charge any upfront fees, so the cost of starting and running the business is significantly low. Also, there’s no need to worry about being stuck with just one product or supplier. If your supplier goes out of business or gets too expensive, it won’t put unnecessary pressure. You can easily switch to another supplier right away.

However, there are some challenges you will need to face. The competition is very high. Profit margins are small, and it’s tough to find the right product and scale.

This is where a training program like Project Pioneer can help. Let’s quickly review the course contents and see if it can help.

The Project Pioneer Course Contents:

You can teach yourself how to start and grow your own dropshipping business with Project Pioneer. This course comprises nine modules and more than 75 video lessons covering everything from setup right down the sourcing for products and testing them out before scaling up!

Let’s look at the modules one by one and see what you are going to get.

Project Pioneer – Module 1

The course starts with the importance of having the right mindset. Beginning with the video explaining what dropshipping is and why you must do it. Dropshipping might not seem like a topic that needs an introduction to someone already in the Pioneer training program. But it’s a good reminder. Connor talks about cash flows and why it is essential to learn from failures.

Project Pioneer – Module 2

In the second module, you will learn how to succeed at dropshipping. Testing is an integral part of Pioneer’s system, which makes sense. Rather than doing the actual work, many people waste time overanalyzing everything. It would help if you had a roadmap to get a test store up and running with minimum cost and effort, and Connor provides that. You will need paid traffic to start seeing results immediately. The module will show how to get potential customers using Facebook Ads.

Project Pioneer – Module 3

You will learn how to find hot selling products in module three using the Pioneer method. Connor steps you through finding a hot selling product from AliExpress in a video. The following two lessons offer crucial tips for creating product pages that convert. You will then learn how to create video or image ads on Facebook.

Project Pioneer – Module 4

Using Facebook ads is the focus of module four. A structured approach to testing is emphasized in this section. There’s a demonstration video where Connor shows how to set up a testing campaign. The module ends with a lecture on how to analyze results and optimize.

Project Pioneer – Module 5

It is now time to optimize your website, landing pages, and ad campaigns. Your success or failure depends on how good you are at optimizations. It is very rare for a business to be profitable from the very beginning. Most people will give up and quit, but there are always those who will persevere. Optimization is all about analyzing results and making changes. Making changes to your target audience is explained in this module. Creating lookalike audiences and retargeting is also part of this module.

Project Pioneer – Module 6

Getting your first few sales is such a rewarding and exciting experience. But the real action starts after this. All you need to do to see your profits multiply is to scale. This chapter introduces a variety of scaling methods. There are separate lessons on scaling budgets, audiences, ads, and mass duplication. You will learn various ways of growing and expanding your business.

Project Pioneer – Module 7

It is a short module about repeating the process. Your product is a success, and you are making good profits. Fortunately, there are many more to be found. As a result of all the learning and experimenting, you’ll probably succeed sooner each time.

Project Pioneer – Module 8

The cost of paid traffic makes email and SMS marketing extremely important. Remarketing to the same audience will become much cheaper if you convert them into subscribers. Module eight discusses how to run successful campaigns using email or SMS marketing tools.

Project Pioneer – Module 9

In a bonus module, Conner provides video recordings of him going through the entire process for a product launch. You’ll get a chance to revise your plans and be reminded that it’s time to take action.

Is Project Pioneer a Scam?

It is most likely clear by now what the answer is. There is absolutely no scam with Project Pioneer. It is not one of those gimmicks that promise big but deliver nothing. Those who wish to start an online retail business will find it a comprehensive course. The course will still benefit you if you already have an online shop.

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