Virtual cards for paying TikTok Ads

Choosing the right payment tool is crucial for the successful implementation of advertising strategies in digital marketing. When placing ads on TikTok, Facebook, or other popular platforms, various challenges can arise, from overspending to the leakage of personal information. Innovative specialized services help to avoid these pitfalls.

Optimizing the advertising budget can be done with the help of special virtual cards for media buying. One of the most popular services among media buyers is PSTNET. On this financial platform, you can obtain a virtual card (Visa/MasterCard) for any purpose. Whether it’s paying for orders in marketplaces, purchasing ads, or shopping in app stores, users are drawn to the absence of transaction fees, withdrawal fees, and payment cancellations. Operations with blocked or frozen cards also incur no additional charges.

PSTNET also offers segmented cards for media buying, such as cards for TikTok advertising. Their key feature is that they are designed to avoid known difficulties when paying for ads on popular platforms.

In this article, we will explore the features and advantages of virtual cards for TikTok from PSTNET.


  • The service offers a variety of unique Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) from European and US banks. With them, the chances of encountering Risk Payments are minimal. Any transaction quickly reaches its target.
  • The website has a convenient bin number lookup feature.

Можно ввести 6 первых цифры карты и сразу получить полноценную информацию о карте. 

  • Wide range of balance replenishment options

The balance can be replenished via USDT TRC20, BTC, and 15 other cryptocurrencies, through another Visa/Mastercard card, or by standard bank transfer SWIFT, SEPA.

You can choose the most convenient and familiar way to replenish the balance. This also contributes to expanding the geography of users, considering differences in preferences and availability of financial instruments in different countries.

  • There is no limit on the number of cards

This makes it easy to adapt your advertising strategy to different market conditions, target audiences, and marketing goals. Additionally, the unlimited limit helps optimize the budget – you can always allocate funds most effectively. That is, as required by your goals.

  • Safe use of personal financial information

Traditional payment cards often require the provision of personal information (name, address, card number) to process payments. If your account is hacked or there is a platform leak, this vital data can be compromised. PSTNET virtual cards do not require such data, minimizing the negative consequences of such incidents.

  • 3D Secure protection is used for transaction security. This technology is designed to protect the card from unauthorized transactions and fraud. When making a transaction using a virtual card that supports 3D Secure, the user is prompted to enter an additional password or one-time code. It can be obtained in the personal account or via Telegram bot.
  • The service is adapted for teamwork. In the personal account, you can manage the composition of team members, which allows adapting the service to any business processes. Each team member can be assigned a specific role and set spending limits. Users can also receive requests to replenish the card from other team members and request financial reports, which allow tracking all transactions and analyzing expenses.

Other notable advantages of PSTNET cards:

  • No need to undergo verification to receive the first card
  • Cards are issued immediately after registration
  • Registration takes 1-2 minutes: simply log in to your account via Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Apple
  • Responsive customer support: available 24/7 via Telegram bot, WhatsApp, and email

PSTNET cards

The service offers a special program called PST Private with favorable conditions for media buying: 3% cashback on advertising expenses, 3% commission on card top-ups. For the first month, they promise a 50% discount. You can issue up to 100 cards immediately.

PSTNET virtual cards for TikTok are a comprehensive solution that not only ensures the security and efficiency of transactions but also provides users with convenient tools for managing advertising budgets and teamwork. And the service’s favorable conditions allow for optimizing expenses not only conveniently but also profitably.

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