Why Mobile Games Are Starting to Attract Young Adults

Any gaming platform is designed to make players not to wish to stop playing the game. People play video games as they are entertaining and fun. Besides people wanting to feel that gaming thrill, the real question is, why are these video games attracting young adults? In this guide, we dive into some of the reasons why many young adults are attracted to video games.

Setting the mood

As part of the advertising strategies, gaming platforms take note of the consumer mindset as it plays a huge role. Mobile games provide a platform for consumers to feel relaxed, work on their depression and feel less bored. Mobile games provide a stage for consumers to feel happy, focused and relaxed.

Mobile games provide consumers something that social apps don’t offer

Mobile games put the gamers in a different mindset. Moreover, they place the consumers in a better mood than social media apps like Twitter and Facebook. However, some games such as fighting and action games, are designed to put gamers under stress, but it’s the positive type of stress that players crave for

Mobile game gamers are more likely to feel relaxed when playing video games than when using social media apps. Consumers are also more likely to focus more when playing games than social media apps.

According to a study, consumers are likely to feel more bored when using social media apps than when playing games. Consumers are also likely to feel more upset or sadder while using social media apps than mobile games.

Mobile games make consumers feel interested, relaxed and engaged

Compared to men, women are more likely to feel relaxed, interested and focused. Women tend to feel all these emotions than men when using social media apps. These feelings tend to grow more when they are playing games.

Younger players are more excited while the others just feel relaxed

Older players are likely to say that video games make them feel relaxed, but video games are likely to feel excited when it comes to the young players. The focus engagement and interest levels are likely to be consistent regardless of age. This means that players of all ages will still be in a good mood when playing games.

The types of games that people play at various ages will likely cause differences in their moods.

Mobile games are a source of income and offer gifts

The world today is changing fast and adapting to technology. With the digital world comes digital coins, also known as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Some mobile game platforms hire professional gamers to play games and get paid for their services, including when they buy cryptocurrencies.

Some gaming platforms offer rewards to their consumers. For instance, through some platforms, gamers can get the chance to buy cryptocurrencies or buying gift cards after completing certain stages of the game.

Gamers who enjoy consuming digital content can also buy Google Play gift card to help them enjoy their mobile gaming experience. Some gaming platforms allow gamers to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies after completing some stages in the game. Lastly, some gaming platforms offer gamers the chance to buy Bitcoin at fair prices.

The hypnotic sounds and bright colours

NBC News contends that mobile games attract many young adults because of the hypnotic sounds and the bright colors. With the constantly changing screen and the exciting sounds, gamers will probably play the games for long hours.


It’s no secret that gaming platforms have taken over the world by storm and are growing in popularity among young adults. These platforms are also taking advantage of technology to better their customer experience.

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