What are the best SEO Positioning tools?

If you have a website and want to rank it in the top search results, it is necessary to do a good SEO. For this, it is important to have the best tools that allow you to study your competition, observe your weak points or know those Keywords that best suit you. Aware of the importance of these elements to achieve results in terms of organic search, we offer you this list with some of the best SEO tools.

Google Adwords: 

The best tool for advertising on Google is a perfect ally in terms of SEO positioning. Thanks to its keyword planner, we will be able to carry out a complete study on those that best suit our topic. Observing the cost per click of each of them, as well as their competition, are some of their benefits.

Google Trends: 

Thanks to this SEO tool, you will be able to observe the search trends of your keywords. See if they increase or decrease to change them if your case is the second.

Webmaster Tools: 

Help Google to index your page more quickly, registering it and sending the link. Yes, you won’t have to wait for the search engine itself to find it. Get ahead of Google.

Google Analytics: 

Ideal to know everything that happens with your website. Observe the number of visits, the behavior of the users, the publicity in Adwords and Adsense, or the sources of traffic. With Analytics, you will obtain the most reliable statistics about your page.

SE Ranking: 

One of the complete tools is SE Ranking, which offers practically everything in one, from keyword analysis, rankings, audits, backlink checking, and even creating and editing optimized content. In addition, it is one of the few tools on the market that offers the White Label function so that agencies and SEO specialists can offer reports as if they were their own.

Moz Bar: 

Mozbar is another of the most used SEO tools that offer results in our SEO ranking strategy. It allows us to know the authority of the page and domain of our website, the competition, the links it has, the keywords, meta descriptions, and even the alt tag of the images. Using it is very simple and enough to add an extension to our browser, be it Firefox or Chrome.


SEO tool to carry out a study of the competition. We will be able to observe the incoming links, keywords, anchor text, or the history of links.


Tool of the same style as the previous one. It will allow us to complete a study of the competition, knowing the backlinks, keywords, and anchor text. In addition, on this type of website, we will know the status of our page by observing the density of keywords and the type of links that we have (Nofollow and Dofollow), their authority, and their frequency.


It is a paid tool whose trial version lets us know the aspects to improve our website. It offers us our level of optimization and advice to improve it both internally and externally. In addition, it provides us with information about our impact on social networks, HTML errors, and website security.


This is a website where you can place the url of your home and some of your posts, and by filling out a simple form, the page redirects them to more than 30 social networks.


This website allows you to know the status of your page. Analyze the state of optimization of the same. In the same way, it happened with Woorank, this one also offers tips to improve.

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