Types of Delivery Management Systems

There are many types of mailroom management systems and each company will have their own needs that will dictate the system they choose. Delivery operations are best when a management system is used to streamline incoming packages and pickup options. Check out some of the different types of systems to ensure a smooth delivery process within the mailroom.

Centralized Mailroom Management

Management Systems

This type of system is where all mail is delivered to a central location and then sorted and delivered to the correct department or individual. This type of system is usually used in companies with multiple locations. Verkada is a leader in the cloud-managed enterprise security industry and has an efficient and user-friendly mailroom delivery management system that shows proof of delivery and sends recipient notifications. It offers a software platform that allows you to manage your mailroom deliveries in a much more streamlined and efficient way. With Verkada, you can easily keep track of all your incoming and outgoing mail, as well as package deliveries. Plus, their mailroom delivery management system is easy to use, so it allows you to scan packages, notify recipients, and manage your delivery operations. And since it’s a cloud-based delivery management software, you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Departmental Mailroom Management

This type of system is where each department has their own mailroom. This type of system is usually used in companies with a limited number of departments. The departmental mailroom is responsible for the distribution and handling of all mail and packages for the department. The Mailroom Supervisor is responsible for the overall operation of the mailroom and oversees the work of the mailroom staff.

Individual Mailboxes

This type of system is where each employee has their own mailbox. This type of system is usually used in companies with a limited number of employees. Traditionally, mailbox management has been a complex and time-consuming task. Administrators must manage mailbox permissions, configure clients, and troubleshoot delivery issues.

Why You Need a Delivery Management System

Delivery Management System

Thanks to the Verkada mailroom software, you can streamline and package deliveries with a simple mobile app. Use it to scan packages, notify recipients, and manage your deliveries. Instead of logging and managing shipments, the software allows you to keep track of inventory, supplies, and deliveries at all times. Just scan the label on a parcel and the software will notify the recipient without hassle. The software will match the name to an employee, resident, or recipient in your directory in order to send a notification and electronic proof of delivery. It’s a great way to ensure that residents or employees never miss a package. You can even set notifications and reminders to be sent via text, Slack, or email.

When you use Verkada’s delivery management software, you can also integrate it with their security camera system. This is a great way to make your mailroom more secure. You can see a live view of the mailroom, get a historical snapshot, and view any footage or investigate lost packages. With a system that’s reliable and easy, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to your delivery operations.

In conclusion, mailroom management software helps customers manage and control the flow of deliveries for their business. This is great for offices, apartment buildings, or any other units that may require centralized mailroom management. Scan any deliveries, sent recipient notifications and reminds, or print name labels to make it easier to find packages and shipments. You can even enable employee self-service to allow redirecting and utilize comprehensive reporting. With the help of the delivery management system from Verkada, you can make your mailroom more secure, efficient, and streamlined thanks to reliable software.

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