Senior Site: A Community for Seniors

senior site

SeniorSite is a new site that was created to provide seniors with an online social community. The website offers forums, blogs, and other features geared towards helping seniors connect and better know one another. It also provides information about retirement communities in different regions and news from around the world for seniors who are looking for ways to stay active!

The website is still young but has already amassed a following. Many users have commented on how they feel more connected to the world after discovering SeniorSite. Others are excited about some of the upcoming features that will soon be released!

What do they offer?

SeniorSite is a community for seniors that offers forums, blogs, and other features to help them connect better. In addition, it provides information about retirement communities in different regions as well as news from around the world for seniors who are looking for ways to stay active!

As it grows, SeniorSite will offer more of these themes:

  • A way to see what people have been reading on the site
  • Events where users can meet up with each other offline
  • Mentoring opportunities between those younger than 65 and older adults over 60 (including career advice)

What are the exciting new things they offer?

The SeniorSite team is excited about some of the upcoming features that will soon be released!

  • A better way to share articles with friends and family: Tapping on a story in your feed will send it as an email or text straight to someone you know. What’s more, there are handy buttons at the bottom of every article, so you can easily share them on social media too.
  • An easier way for users to search within their communities: The new “Community Search” feature makes finding content from people who live near you easy. Just enter what you’re looking for – whether events, jobs, health info, activities, etcetera – and Community Search brings up relevant posts by nearby members instantly

What difference do they bring in?

An easier way to find and follow people in your community: The new “Find People” feature lets you search for other members using different criteria, including location. It’s particularly useful if you want to connect with others in the same town as yourself.

What else is coming soon?

A better notification system that will keep users up-to-date: Rather than waiting until they’re online again to read all their notifications, a pop-up window alerts them when there are messages or updates on any of their feeds. They can then dismiss the message by tapping out of it quickly without going back into settings every time.

To provide more control over what content gets shared, they’ve made it easier to report and block others.

An improved chat system: It will be upgraded with a new design and the ability for users to create groups of people to talk or share photos without having to go out into different apps.People interested in finding other members should use these features because seniors designed SeniorSite for seniors. They’re looking forward to seeing what their community has in store!

Senior Site is a social network that’s created just for senior citizens (age 50+), and it’s free from ads; your personal information is secure on this site, too, since there’s no need to register an account before you can browse anonymously through content feeds such as the upcoming events, blogs, and photos.

It’s a place where seniors can meet new friends or chat with their old ones who are far away in other countries without spending any money on long-distance calls. Senior Site is also committed to helping seniors make the most of their retirement by providing them with helpful tips that will help them live healthier lives and stay connected to what’s going on around the world from right within their own homes.


Senior Site offers senior citizens an online community to openly share information about themselves, such as hobbies, interests, and location, so it won’t be hard for anyone who wants to find someone like-minded because everyone has access to this type of content! The company was founded only two years ago in 2012, and its site has already grown to more than 60,000 members from all around the world.

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to privacy because Senior Site is committed to ensuring that user data will be kept private at all times while also providing a secure login system that can only be accessed through an email address or phone number. In addition, there are no awkward questions asked when signing up like other social media sites require, so users won’t feel pressured into disclosing information they don’t want others knowing, such as birthdates, occupation, or religion.

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