Scientifically, electricity is the flow of charge or electrical power. This power acts as an energy source. Every house needs electricity to get its daily work done because most of the appliances in the housework use electrical energy. Electricity meter is an inseparable part of the houses that are electrically powered.

The appliances draw the electrical energy from the main source. Installing electric meters help to measure the total energy consumed. How much energy you are using daily is tracked with this meter. Based upon the reading shown by your electricity meter, suppliers will charge you for the power consumption.

How does an electricity meter look?

Most of the time, electricity meters look like glass boxes or jars with some dials on them. Nowadays, electricity meters come with digital displays. These will show the readings of electricity consumption. Further, If you carefully glance at the electricity meter, you can see it enclosed inside a box. The box is a climate control box, and it helps keep your electricity meter safe from temperature and humidity. The connection of the electricity meter with the pin header to the power supply may not be visible from the outside. Pin headers are available at

How do electric meters measure electrical usage?

The current flows from the service entrance and personal electrical panel. The electric meter measures this flow of current. Watt is the unit of power, and a kilowatt is a unit for measuring electrical energy usage. The kilowatts of power consumed over a while is calculated. The electric meter displays the calculated value.

The number displayed on the electrical meter is the total power usage from the initial stage of installation. The power supply organisation calculates the difference between the power usage of two months and charges you accordingly.

Types of electric meters

Advancement has entered every sector, and electric meters also evolved along with that. Advances have made electric meters more accurate and feasible. These are some of the types of electric meters you can see around you.

Electromechanical meter

This kind of meter contains a non-magnetic metallic disc. The disc is attached internally so that it rotates when power passes through it. The speed of rotation of the disc depends on the power consumption. If a high amount of power passes through it, the disc will rotate faster. If a low amount of energy passes through it, then it will turn slower.

The disc may consume some amount of energy for its rotation. But it will not consume more than 2 watts. This kind of meter was common in India a few years ago. But you can barely see them now.

electromechanical meter

                 Source: pixabay

Electronic meter

These electric meters are becoming famous in the household nowadays. They come with LED/LCDs. Electronic meters are more convenient compared to meters with dials. They have AC sensors that detect the voltage and amperage of the current flowing inside. Also, the power consumption is readable to everyone in this.

Along with that, this meter has less wear and tear. They have been sustainable for more than five years. These qualities make them better than electromechanical meters. Other specifications of the meter are immunity to DC influence, reverse temper and earth temper.

Electronic meter  Source: pixabay

Smart meter

Smart meters are here because of the internet. These smart meters look very similar to electronic meters. However, smart meters are better than them. Because along with the digital display, smart meters are connected to the supplier through the internet. With this specification, it becomes easy to record the power consumption. There is no need for the officials to come to your house and check the meter. The readings are sent to the officials through the internet.

There are two types of smart meters:

Prepaid meters: In prepaid service, the consumer has to maintain a balance in the service account. Service providers will reduce the balance as you use the power. This method is easier because there are no deadlines to pay the bill. You can pay whenever you want, but you have to maintain a balance.

Postpaid meters: This method is common everywhere. In this method, you will make the payment after using the energy. The servicing official will bill you for the amount of electricity used, and there is a deadline to pay the bill. If you forget to pay it in time, you have to pay a fine accordingly.

How to read a digital electricity meter?

These are the steps to follow while reading a digital electric meter:

  • Read the numbers on display and locate the decimal point. Write down the numbers.
  • Note the time and date while you take the reading.
  • Repeat the reading at a later date.
  • Subtract the readings, and you will get the actual power consumption in kilowatt units.

Pay attention to these things while buying an electricity meter

Large industries like Packing manufacturer logospack should pay attention to these things mainly:

  • How many phases does your system need to run perfectly? Decide on that first. Suppliers provide both single-phase and three-phase meters.
  • Decide on the amps you need for the system. Meters with 60, 100, and 200 amps are available.
  • If you choose smart meters, you also have to decide about the communication protocol to use for the connection.

Energy consumption is increasing from decade to decade, and there is no awareness about energy consumption among people. In such a situation, energy consumption awareness becomes important to spread the word in the modern world. Cowley Electrical Ulladulla finds it unfortunate that people misuse the energy supply, and most of the time, they are wasting it. Introducing smart energy meters in households and workspaces will help in doing this. Because they are easy to read and people will be aware of their energy consumption rate.

Awareness about energy consumption may motivate some people to save energy and not waste it. Making people aware will greatly contribute to environmental conservation. For instance, reducing global warming and preventing glaciers from melting and helping to preserve the earth will happen with awareness. Electrical meters hence become essential in this context.