How to perform strongly in the GAMSAT exam: 10 pro tips

GAMSAT, also known as The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test, is the medical admissions test for those who want to study degrees in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, etc. in Australia and the UK. The GAMSAT exam is a key part of the entry criteria for medical programs and it’s recommended that you sit the exam in your penultimate or final year of a bachelor’s degree. As getting into medical school is a highly competitive process with few spots available for a lot of interested students, you’ll need to perform strongly on the GAMSAT exam to get a competitive score.

Here are 10 pro tips to clear score good in the GAMSAT exam:

1. Time Management

The GAMSAT exam is designed for students intending to take the graduate-entry pathway into medical school. When it comes to preparing for the GAMSAT exam, one of the key tenets is time management – You’ll need to be able to balance your exam preparation with your undergraduate studies. Don’t forget that your GPA from your bachelor’s degree is an equally important part of the entry criteria. To ensure you are able to study consistently and effectively for the GAMSAT exam, you need to plan your time out – A key step is to start by making a timetable for yourself. Make sure to keep breaks in between when you are scheduling all your work. Time management is a good habit, and it helps students in the long run as well.

2. Study Plan

A study plan is important when you want to score well on your GAMSAT exam and needs to be built into your timetable. Plan out what your goals are at each key milestone, whether it be at the end of every week or at the end of every month – Ensure you can track your goals accurately and see your own progress. This is important to ensuring you can work steadily to a good GAMSAT score – It can take months of preparation to get ready for the exam and you’ll need to be able to study consistently without burning out.

3. Know your weakness

To strengthen your performance, you must know your weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses will help you in acing your scores. Work out which areas you need to improve on and dedicate specific time and resources to this – If you know your weakness is essay writing, start working on this early, seek expert advice and get feedback regularly. If you know your weakness and problems beforehand you can take the appropriate steps to improve on these and improve your scores.

4. Overcommitment

Overcommitting yourself in the exam itself can cause you problems in scoring good marks. Time pressure is a key reason why the GAMSAT exam is so difficult and spending too much time on one question can make things go wrong. If you are not able to answer any questions, move on to the next one. Know when to cut your losses, mark the question as something you can return to later and keep going. In this way, you will be able to best utilize your time and attempt as many questions as possible.

5. Focus your study

The GAMSAT exam is mostly about testing your reasoning skills and it’s important that you focus your study accordingly. Yes, make sure that you understand the basic science concepts and principles that are assumed knowledge for the exam, but don’t try to memorize everything – It’s more important that you cover the reasoning skills and practice regularly to get used to the question types and time pressure.

6. Practice

As alluded to above, practice is a key part of your preparation. Practice makes a man perfect, and you need to practice a lot if you want to score good marks in your GAMSAT exams. You can take mock tests and do practice questions as much as you can; this will help you score good marks on the exam. Scoring well is important for you to get into your preferred med school and for that, practice is necessary.

7. Proper diet and exercise

A proper diet and exercise are needed, to ensure that you look after yourself physically and maintain a good amount of energy and health – You don’t want to fall sick before your exams. Following a proper diet and exercise will also help you in memorizing faster and will help in making your brain work faster. Ensure that you put time in your study plan to relax and look after yourself.

8. Make notes

Start making notes of everything you study; this will help you score better marks in your GAMSAT exams. Making notes will help you revise just before your exams when you don’t have much time to go through every page of your book.

9. Challenging yourself

You must challenge yourself by setting targets for yourself. Make sure you reach those targets every day, and that will help you score good marks in your GAMSAT exams.

10. Patience

Patience is important when you are sitting for an exam which is GAMSAT. This is a very difficult exam, and you must be patient while writing your answers in the exams. Therefore, make sure you are devoted to preparing for your GAMSAT exam.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and it is relevant to the information you searched. Make sure to practice meditation sometimes to increase your concentration. And all the best for your GAMSAT exams.

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