Brass Check Valves and uses

Brass Check Valves is a valve that normally allows fluid to flow through it in only one direction. There’s a brass spring check valve, brass foot valve, and swing type check valve.  A brass strainer valve is installed in the pipeline to filter layers of the flow. Brass Check Valve Manufacturer has made it to be widely used in residential premises and for industrial applications.

Brass Check Valves and uses

Brass Check Valve Classification

Brass check valves can be separated into lift type check valves, swivel types, butterfly types, pipe types, slow-closing types, and diaphragm types check valves according to their structure.

1 Swing Check Valves

The check valve can be mounted on a flat pipe along the vertical centreline of the valve body. Brass Check Valve Manufacturer makes the ball valve to be used on a high-pressure small diameter check valve. The shape of the valve body is the same as that of the shut-off valve so its fluid resistance coefficient is large. The higher part of the valve flap and the lower part of the bonnet are machined with a controller sleeve, and the valve guide can be easily lifted in the valve guide. When the medium flows down, the valve flap is unlocked by the medium thrust. When the medium stops, dangling down on the seat, from the media to prevent the counter-current effect.

2 Swivel check valves

 The fold of the swivel check valve is disc-shaped and rotates around the tube of the valve seat. The flow path is lesser than the lift-type check valve and is appropriate for low flow rate and flow. Often change the large width of the occasion, but not for pulsating flow, the waterproofing performance of less than lift. A swivel check valve is alienated into single, and multi-type.

3 Disc check valves

Brass spring check valves are a kind of check valves that alternates around a pin within a seat. Disc-type check valve construction is simple, can only be connected to the horizontal pipe, and the seal is poor. The butterfly check valve is alike in structure to butterfly valves. Its structure is modest, and the water hammer pressure is also small.

4 Pipeline check valve

The pipeline check valve is a new type of valve, its small size processing technology is good, is one of the directions of development of the check valve. But the fluid confrontation coefficient is slightly larger than the swivel check valve.

5 Pressure check valve

This valve is used as tank feed water and steam cut off the valve, it has a lift check valve and cut valve or viewpoint valve integrated function.

6 Diaphragm check valve

The diaphragm check valve has a diversity of structural forms because of its good water hammer, low cost, in recent years, rapid development. However, the use of the diaphragm checks valve temperature by the diaphragm material restrictions.

Applications of brass check valves:

The purpose of using the check valve is to stop the media backflow, generally in the pump outlet is armed with a check valve, and also in the compressor outlet to connect the check valve, in short, in order to stop the media back, in the equipment. The check valve is generally used by Brass Check Valve Manufacturer for cleaning the flow medium. It should not be used for solid particles or check valve open is not sensitive, close the seal is not reliable, and the fluid back is not dependable enough. The check valve is an involuntary valve, its main role is to stop the media back to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, and ampule media discharge. The check valve can also be used on piercing where the pressure may rise above the supply system that surpasses the system pressure. Usually, the valve is mechanically working, in a direction of the flow of fluid under pressure.

Values to select brass check valves:

  • for DN 50 subsequent high and medium pressure check valves, should use a vertical lift check valve and straight-through boost check valve.
  • for DN 50 below the low-pressure check valve should use butterfly check valves, vertical lift check valves, and diaphragm check valves.
  • for DN > 50, < 600 high and medium pressure check valves, should use the swivel check valves.
  • for DN > 200, < 1200 in the low-pressure check valves, should use a non-wear spherical check valve.
  • for DN > 50, < 2000 low-pressure check valves, should use butterfly check valve and diaphragm check valves.
  • for the supplies of the closure of the impact of small water shock or no impact on the pipeline, should use slowly closed swing and slowly closed butterfly check valves.
  • for the pump bay pipe, should use the bottom valves.
  • check valves are generally suitable for clean media, and should not be used for containing solid particles and viscidness of the larger media. Diaphragm check valves for easy to produce water on the pipeline, the diaphragm can be a good removal of the media when the water against the water, but by the temperature and pressure restraints, the general use of low-pressure room temperature pipe.

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