Maybe you’re trying to figure out “how do I delete my PhonePe account in India?” Well, we can help! We’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to delete your phonepe account below.

I’d say that keep apps like these on your phone doesn’t make much sense. Since the launch of UPI, the amount of time needed to make financial transactions has decreased by a lot and it was a struggle before to figure out how to complete such transactions. Now with UPI you can leave your bank in peace.

PhonePe is India’s leading UPI app, providing useful features like recharging, streaming and booking within a click. This leads to convenience for consumers, so you can avoid all the hassle of going through long processes.

This website contains articles about how to transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance to bank account or how to delete PhonePe Account, too. If you want information about PhonePe Wallet Balance Transfer or account deletion instructions, this website is the perfect resource for you.

PhonePe Account Delete Permanently

There are a lot of reasons to delete the PhonePe Account. If you have other PhonePe accounts, you can choose to delete your account. You can also close your PhonePe account if you’ve switched to the UPI based system. A lot of people also got rid of their account because they didn’t like how customer service was handled or they’ve stopped giving out cashback offers.

PhonePe doesn’t offer a way to delete your account permanently, but you can send their support an email with information about your request.

You can permanently delete your PhonePe account from the PhonePe Android & iOS Application or from the PhonePe Official Website.

You can permanently delete your PhonePe account by following steps

  • Open PhonePe App >> Tap on the question mark on the above section (?)
  • Now go to the Help section to choose ‘My Account and KYC’
  • Choose ‘My PhonePe Account Details’.
  • Deleting my PhonePe account >> Select an option like ‘I have not happy with PhonePe’.
  • Now choose ‘Contact Support’ >> Select language.

You can ask anything you want to know about PhonePe. We will get back to you with a reply in 24 hours through a phone call or email.

PhonePe Account Delete through Website

  • Open PhonePe Official Website.
  • Log In >> Just scroll down and select the contact us button
  • There are two ways to reach our support team, either email or phone. We’ll get back to you within the next 2-3 business days.

PhonePe Wallet To Bank Transfer Process

There’s a lot of interest in how to transfer the balance from PhonePe Wallet to your bank account. Some people have earned cashback which they’d like to put in their bank account, while others want to deposit more funds into their wallet.

You can transfer your PhonePe Wallet Balance to your bank account in two different methods.

Deactivate PhonePe Wallet

Transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance in Bank (Gold Trick)

This is, in my opinion, the best way to transfer your Wallet to a Bank Account. It may take a day or two for you to get the money. If you buy Digital Gold from PhonePe on a day at a certain point in time then you will sell the gold only after 24 hours. In this process, you have to pay a 7% transaction charge. So if you buy Digital Gold for Rs 100 then you will receive Rs 87 or Rs 88 amount.

How To Transfer Wallet Balance in Bank

  • Open PhonePe Andriod or iOS App.
  • Tap on My Money >> Gold.
  • Buy Gold >> Choose any option from MMTC-PAMP or Safegold.
  • Tap on Buy Gold >> Enter Amount.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Pay via PhonePe Wallet.

After this, you can then sell the gold in your wallet after 24 hours.

When you sell your Unicoinz, you’ll have money sent to your linked UPI. You can instantly verify the transaction on the app.

How To Deactivate PhonePe Wallet

When you deactivate your PhonePe wallet, the balance will be transferred to your bank account. However, after the transfer is complete you won’t have access to the account again. So make sure to think before deactivating PhonePe.

  • Open PhonePe Account >> Wallet.
  • Tap the ‘Close Wallet’ Button below.
  • Choose ‘Confirm and Close Wallet’ Button.
  • Tap ‘Deactivate Wallet’.


Deactivating or deleting your PhonePe account should be a last resort. UPI-based payment apps are very useful in daily life, and customer care is usually able to help with any troubles you encounter. You should go ahead and uninstall the app if you’re getting a negative response. You can also deactivate or delete your PhonePe account permanently.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any questions or queries then feel free to message me on my social media channel. Thanks for reading!