How much does Montway Auto Transport Company Cost?


Montway Auto Transport Company is one of the most well-known auto transport companies. They have been around since 2006 and have used their time to build a strong reputation as one of the top car shipping providers in America.

Montway Auto Transport has transported more than 5,00,000 vehicles. With an ever-expanding team, Montway has around 3,86,000 drivers.

Services Offered

1. Open Transport

Open transport is the cheapest option for auto shipping, but it has a few limitations.

The open transport works best with cars that are pretty close together, but if they have different heights or lengths, you’ll need them to be pushed in next to each other, so they all fit properly.

2. Enclosed Car Transport

Using an enclosed car transport is the preferred route for many when they want to ship their cars because it protects against extreme weather conditions and other hazards. You can ask for low ground clearance on this service, and you should indicate this when you agree to the service.

3. Auto-Shipping For College Students

When you’re a college student who needs help to ship your car from home to campus, it can get expensive. Montway Auto Transport specializes in helping students like yourself with this problem and offers an affordable alternative.

Montway Auto Transport Company will be your best bet for transport with door-to-door shipping and a free allowance of personal items.

4. Expedited Car Transport

Wondering how quickly you can have your car relocated? As the name suggests, Montway Auto Transport’s express vehicle transportation service ensures your vehicle is given priority when it comes to shipping. With this feature, you may transport your vehicle without providing documentation like registration information so long as the location you’re sending it to doesn’t require it.

5. Motorcycle And ATV Shipping

Some of the services that this company provides include shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs. It is likely that if your home is in a location where they cannot access it, you will be asked to bring your motorcycle or ATV to the predetermined location. They also ship motorcycles and ATVs using enclosed carriers.

6. Military Transport

Military families know the difficulty of obtaining insured vehicles, and military shipping is often held to high-security needs. To provide your vehicle for international shipping, you should consider contacting Montway Auto Transport Company simply and efficiently.

7. Door-To-Door Auto Transport

Suppose you’re looking for a transport company that will take care of picking, dropping, and transporting your car safely from one destination to another. In that case, Montway Auto Transport Company is the company for you. With door-to-door service available across the country and in other countries, it is easy to find a branch near you.

8. Drop Off Locations

Depending on where you’re at, Montway Auto Transport Company will have drop-off locations that are convenient for you. Be sure to check out their website to see whether or not there is a branch close to your home or business, so you don’t have too much of a hassle arranging for pick up and drop off.

Montway Auto Transport Company Costs

When it comes to estimates, Montway Auto Transport is known for its cost-effective services. As no two quotes are alike, no two estimates are the same because they’re based on various factors. If you plan to hire them, it is recommended to go through a detailed review of Montway Auto Transport to plan your move properly.

Usually, auto transport across states will cost you $.58 per mile, or for a 1000-mile transport, it will cost you $580. Auto transports that are under 500 miles will cost you approximately $1.95 per mile. Usually, open car transport will prove to be much cheaper than enclosed transport. College students and the military can avail themselves of additional discounts from Montway Auto Transport.

Additional Fees And Charges

Montway Auto Transport Company charges additional fuel, parking, and tolls if your vehicle crosses a bridge or crossings like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. They also charge $100 for the storage of cars that are not picked up within five days after the drop-off.


It’s important to maintain a healthy level of scepticism when hiring any company. Still, it seems like Montway Auto Transport Company is an honest and reliable option for those needing car transport services. They truly care about providing the best customer service possible by offering college students and military personnel discounts. With door-to-door shipping available in most areas, they are one of the top companies on our list that you should consider if you’re looking for a reputable provider with competitive rates.

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