Heading Out on Summer Vacation: Cybersecurity Protection Tips

The blustery winter months will soon be behind us, and flowers are already starting to bloom.

Soon, people will be heading out on those much-needed summer vacations. While you already know what travel essentials you need to make the most of your vacation plans, have you thought about cybersecurity protection for your electronics?

Cybersecurity threats are a big concern at the moment, and they don’t just go away while you’re on vacation.

While most businesses utilize some type of SIEM service to protect their devices when traveling for business, individuals on vacation don’t. So, what do you do to protect yourself from cyber threats when on your summer vacation?

We have the answers for you here.

Update Before Leaving

The first thing you need to do is update your devices before you ever head to the airport. While many users feel that installing updates is a waste of time, those updates often come with important security updates and features.

Take the time to update all your devices before packing them to take on vacation. Though there’s a huge case for completely unplugging while on vacation, that’s not going to happen for most people, so update your devices instead for the best results.

Pack Light

If you own multiple devices, take only the ones you need. After all, you’re on vacation, so why would you need your computer, tablet, gaming system, and your Smartphone on the trip.

Take only what you need and leave the rest at home where you know they’ll be safe. Every device you have with you is another entry point by which hackers and other cybersecurity threats can sneak in and have access to everything from your social media to your bank accounts and more.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is your number one enemy when you’re on vacation. We’ve all seen the ads where hackers are sitting in coffee shops just waiting for someone to connect to the shop’s Wi-Fi to steal their information.

Don’t be the subject of one of those ads. Instead, avoid public Wi-Fi at all costs when on vacation.

If, for some reason, you absolutely have to use the public Wi-Fi in your vacation destination, don’t use it blindly. Instead, use the next tip for added security. It’s better to take this added step than to have your identity stolen and your bank account drained by the guy in flip-flops sitting at the next table.

Use a VPN

The best way to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi is by using a VPN to log into your accounts, social media, and other essential services. A VPN sends your usage through a remote server, a tunnel of sorts, so no one can get into your personal information.

While this isn’t foolproof, as nothing is when it comes to cybersecurity threats, it’s one added step of protection to use during your travels and certainly worth doing if you don’t want to have your accounts hacked while on vacation.

Share Carefully

It’s important to realize that cybersecurity threats aren’t all you have to worry about when you’re away from home. Make sure to be careful when sharing photos, videos, or information on your social media sites.

You don’t want an intruder to realize you’re away from home and think now is the perfect time to rob your house.

With the Russians threatening the United States with cyberattacks daily in the escalating war on Ukraine, cybersecurity is a very real thing. That means that not only do companies need to up their cybersecurity efforts, but Americans do as well, even when you’re on vacation.

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