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content://com.android.browser.home/. For those who have been unsuccessful in changing the default browser on their Android smartphone, it may be necessary to dig a little further and discover alternative methods of making changes. Even if the manufacturer’s bloatware is to blame, there is always a method to get around it.
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Something as simple as this can have a major negative impact on your user experience. However, if you are resourceful enough, there are solutions available.

content://com.android.browser.home/ Established a page on Browser

The “content://com.android.browser.home/” is a link that is used to modify default web browser homepage. When people purchase a new mobile phone it has a pre-installed web browser that comes with a default web page. If anyone isn’t happy with the default web browser homepage, they can alter it to suit their needs.

The content://com.android.browser.home/ link works on any browser which has established as a default browser from settings. In some instances it will also display an error message that reads “404 not found”. So, how do I configure the browser to utilize this syntax without error?

What is content://com.android.browser.home/?

In terms of technology, quality, and design, Android smartphones are quickly catching up with, if not surpassing, Apple iPhones. Given a large number of high-end flagship smartphones available in a variety of price ranges, the smartphone market is currently quite congested.

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Content://com.android.browser.home/ is another term for this type of URL. Web browsers automatically redirect users to the default homepage when they open a new tab. You may thus modify the URL of the browser by simply changing the URL to whatever new location you choose. Getting started is a breeze. Following these instructions will allow you to access this feature on the vast majority of devices.

  • Switch to the default web browser application.
  • Press and hold the menu button, which is most likely located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Drill down the sub-menu till you locate the ‘Android Browser Settings’ option by clicking on the ‘Settings’ menu that reads ‘Settings’. Once you’ve discovered it, click on it to go to the following page.
  • The ‘General’ options can be accessed by pressing F1.
  • To complete the process, select the option to “Set Homepage.”
  • To make a page your default landing page, either type in the URL you wish to use, or just choose “blank page.”

This option can be unavailable because the phone’s manufacturer has obscured it; nevertheless, there is a second alternative.

  • To change your homepage, visit the website that you want to use as your starting point.
  • Press the menu button.
  • Make a note of the page in your favorite section.
  • Press the menu button.
  • Select Bookmarks/History from the drop-down list.
  • Search for and tap and hold the URL of the website you saved.
  • Select ‘Set as Homepage’ from the drop-down option that displays.

How to change the default web browser on your Android smartphone?

Remember that you are not required to use the default or in-built web surfing software offered by the maker of your device. A plethora of superior and far more feature-rich alternatives are available in the Google Play marketplace. The majority of them are completely free and can be downloaded and installed on your device with literally just one click.

Firefox is a fantastic alternative, and if you already have it installed on your desktop computer, it makes sense to have it loaded on your smartphone as well.

Why? Simply because you can simply sync your phone’s Firefox browser with the one you have installed on your desktop computer only if you log in with the same account information as you do on your desktop computer.

Furthermore, if you install Firefox as your default web browser program on your device, you will be able to build a custom homepage even more quickly and easily than you would otherwise.

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  • To begin, go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your mobile device.
  • Then, scroll down till you come across something that looks similar to Apps & Notifications, and then touch on it to open it up.
  • Then, choose “Default applications” from the drop-down menu and select “Browser” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, select Firefox or another browser from the drop-down menu that appears. Now, if anything on your device (such as an application or a link to a file) requires you to visit a site, it will direct you to Mozilla Firefox.

Opera is a fantastic alternative for those who want a browser with a few more nitty-gritty capabilities. Deciding to use an alternate browser is always a wise decision, regardless of which browser you choose.

Removing the Android Browser from Your Device

Installing an application called “Better Open With” can be a good idea if you find that some apps insist on redirecting you to the web browser installed by your phone’s manufacturer. And you don’t want to use it but would prefer to use a free and easily customizable alternative such as Chrome, Opera, or another similar browser.

You have complete control over the “open with” options with this free software for Android devices. Using this feature, you can change the default app for the browser and other choices like audio and ebooks. You can also pick the default app for other choices such as PDF and video and override the default settings with your own.

Custom ROMs

If you are experiencing branding issues on your phone that extend beyond the web browser, another option for you can be to install a Custom ROM such as CyanogenMod or DotOS.

They often have more functionality than the regular ROMs that come pre-installed on the majority of smartphones.

At the very least, you will be foregoing some customer assistance if you choose to install a custom operating system. You must understand that installing a customized operating system on your phone necessitates a certain level of technical expertise. In exchange for taking this risk and succeeding, you will have greater control over settings such as content://com.android.browser.home/ and your device as a whole, which will be quite beneficial.


Many web browsers are available for download from the internet and from the Google Play store, which you can use to access the web. If you want to avoid being bothered by a bloated and substandard piece of software, instead of worrying about content://com.android.browser.home/.

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