One of the reasons why people choose to start a business is because they want more time to do the things they enjoy. They might be spending 50+ hours a week away from home, only getting a few weeks a year off to take vacations and time off. They may be putting in 60-80 hours weekly without any additional return for their increased efforts. However, they are burning themselves out for someone else’s dream. This doesn’t need to happen. Starting a business nowadays is relatively easy and selling items on Amazon makes it even simpler. There are many reasons why businesses choose to sell on Amazon, but here are 5 of them.

Built-In SEO

Developing SEO for your own website is entirely possible, but it takes time. You’ll need to do keyword research, create compelling content, leverage links and so much more. When you’re trying to get a business up and running you want to do things as efficiently as possible. This includes SEO. The nice thing about Amazon is that it has built-in SEO. When customers search for items, it shows the most relevant ones, the ones with the best reviews, and the ones who pay to get shown at the top. The more people who buy your products and give you a good review, the more likely Amazon is to suggest your listings.

Pool of Customers Searching

Amazon is unique in that there is already a pool of customers searching daily for something they need. If you’re selling workout gear or popular books, you can easily list them on Amazon. Because people are already searching for those items on Amazon, they are more likely to find you. Some of the things that improve the chances of customers buying from you are good listing images, descriptive, but interesting content, and of course, good reviews.

Amazon FBA

One of the most interesting things about being an Amazon seller is that you don’t need to store a ton of stuff in your garage and ship it yourself. They offer fulfillment by Amazon to ensure that your product gets sent quickly to customers without you ever needing to touch the product. This means that sellers can source products from anywhere in the world, have it shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center, and then Amazon handles all the logistics from storage to inventory to shipping and returns. All you need to do is coordinate Amazon FBA air freight to get your products to the country where you reside and will be shipping to and from.

Fast Shipping Options

Sellers love that their customers can get their products in just a couple of days when they use Amazon Prime Shipping. It takes the hassle of finding a shipping service, printing out labels, running things to the post office and more. It gives those sellers back their time, which they didn’t have when they were working in the office 60-80 hours a week. Now they can sell hundreds of products weekly, earn an income, and all they need to do is resupply the fulfillment center with their items. Amazon does the rest.

Print On-Demand

Authors used to need a publishing company to get their stories in people’s hands. They were at the mercy of readers and editors who thought their book would appeal to enough people for it to get published. Additionally, authors royalties were very low with this model. The publishing house would get a huge cut, while the author was left with pennies. If you think starving artists are a thing, you’ve never met a starving writer before, have you? Not everyone can be Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. Additionally, if an author wanted to self-publish a book, the cost to print a run of them was very expensive.

Enter Amazon print on demand. They are revolutionizing the way that people write, read, and consume books. Authors now have the freedom to list their stories on Amazon and sell them. Customers can choose from e-book and Kindle copies or get a paper copy printed and mailed to them. Amazon has made it simpler than ever before.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s clear that businesses love how much Amazon can do for them. Whether they are reselling books and movies they find in thrift stores or they are having Amazon ship products for them, business owners are able to gain back more of their time when they use Amazon as part of their overall business model. And You Can Use these Amazon to Increase your sales also.