What Do Audiences Expect of Your Web Design?

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When you’re in business, it’s natural that you would want to improve the quality of your web design to make the most of your website, and potentially increase the traffic it sees. However, while many tips on how to go about this are universal, this isn’t always the case. Other times, for example, it might be more relative to the industry that you find yourself in and what your audiences expect from you as a result of that.

That doesn’t mean that you have to completely stick within certain boxes, but straying unnecessarily could sometimes cause more confusion than anything else.

Balancing Flair with Practicality

In the case of certain outlets like online casinos, your audiences are going to expect a certain level of visual appeal. The aim is to create a fun environment that makes the games look as appealing as possible, but how can you balance that with practicality? The best Australian online casino sites handle this by striking a delicate balance. The visuals are out in full force, but they don’t dominate the entire web design to the point where it’s chaotic, overwhelming, or at all difficult to understand. As with any site, navigation is important, and everything needs to be easy to find and accessible – otherwise, it just ceases to be usable. The visuals are there to support the web design, they aren’t a replacement for substance, which can make balancing their usage somewhat difficult.

Sleek and Minimal

On the other side of the spectrum, you have websites that are trying to make themselves look as professional as possible. In these instances, you might be some sort of law firm, estate agents or other professional that looks to assure your clients of your professionality and capability. Over the top visuals here might only damage your attempts to establish credibility, betraying a certain lack of confidence. Understated minimalism is something that many brands aim for when designing their webpages, but the same problem as before can arise here too.

With minimalism, the desire to condense the information down to that point can risk omitting elements of your information that is essential to what people need to know. Alternatively, the website could come across as too bare, missing the professional mark and leading to an aesthetic that’s simply undercooked.

Visuals as Information

Visuals in a prior context might be simply animations or graphics that convey a mood – establish a tone for what people can expect from your brand. However, if you find yourself in anhospitality industry, you might think visuals begin to serve a very different function. Having a gallery of professional photographs available on your home page can work as information in of themselves, showing prospective guests what the food and hotel rooms look like before they go ahead and book. This can also speak to a level of confidence in your own abilities, and lets you control the first impression that you make to a certain extent.

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