Are There More Convenient Ways to Enjoy Your Hobbies?


Finding time to enjoy your hobbies can be difficult, especially when those activities have to contend with responsibilities and social occasions. Looking for a more convenient way to enjoy these hobbies than you’re used to might mean changing something fundamental about them, but it might also lead you to a more workable solution.

In the modern day, convenience is promoted at every turn through digital solutions, and regardless of your hobby, you might find this to be true here as well. Being receptive to the changes that these shifts might bring can allow you to get the most out of this move towards convenience.


Video games are a prime example of a hobby that has made a successful shift to mobile. While this doesn’t mean that console or PC gaming has waned at all, it does mean that a distinct branch of the hobby has emerged that is ready for you to take advantage of. Sometimes there is a connection, like through ports of older games, indie games or popular games like Fortnite. A lot of the time, though, this leads to exclusive titles that can have the added benefit of offering you fresh experiences. Online casinos are a popular example of this, allowing you to play slots online, exploring all the variations that this entails, and other platforms that might instead emphasize card games and roulette.


Many people who enjoy reading love the experience of acquiring a new book. The excitement of owning it, having all of the time to read it and amassing a collection can be central to the very activity for some. However, this can also lead to an issue where you’re limited on space, and perhaps spending more on books than is ultimately workable. While you have options such as a Kindle, this could remove yet another core pillar of the activity and reduce it to something too similar to looking at a screen for you.

Instead, then, think about what your local library can offer you. Being able to order in books grants you a wider access than what is currently available, and not needing to consume your home space can make for a more relaxed read, along with the knowledge that you’re helping a public service. However, the need to return the books and the quality of the products themselves might put people off.

Arts and Crafts

Having an artistic side and wishing to express that comes in so many forms that it’s difficult to condense it down to a generalized more ‘convenient’ version. For those who enjoy drawing and painting, there are digital devices that can allow you to do this while traveling, but that might again take away much of what you love about using paints and paper. Instead, you might think about how you can combine this hobby with opportunities to express it. For example, needing to get people presents or cards for events like birthdays might seem like a chore, but it’s also a chance to create something thoughtful while enjoying your hobbies.

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