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The Kingdom profits mainly from the production and sale of oil and gas. But the local government is trying to diversify budget revenues, so it actively develops the financial and banking sectors, shipbuilding, construction, and trade. Buyers from all over the world come here for precious metals and pearls. As a result, the investment climate in Bahrain is equal to the UAE, due to which the world’s major corporations come here.

This is a genuinely prosperous state with a high standard of living, low unemployment, and a low crime rate. Bahrain’s organizations pay their employees, on average, 2000 dollars a month, depending on the position. Decent salaries make it easy to provide for all daily needs, including recreation, leisure, and entertainment, and generate savings.

The tourism industry plays no small role in the country’s attractiveness. The unique geographical location and warm climate create ideal conditions for resorts. New hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and elite entertainment centers open here every year. Most vacancies for those wishing to find a job in Bahrain are in the tourism and service industries.

Specifics of Employment

In the labor market in Bahrain, as in other Gulf countries, preference should always be given to locals. Local organizations only have the right to hire foreigners if no Bahraini citizen applies for the open position. Despite this, the number of vacancies makes it possible to quickly find a job in Bahrain for Ukrainians and residents of other countries.

To take a position in this state requires:

  • A signed employment contract with the employer;
  • A work permit in Bahrain;
  •  Open work visa.

Bahraini companies can issue certain work permits for foreigners without reference to a specific person. This dramatically simplifies the employment process and allows the migrant to begin their duties immediately upon arrival in the country.

Employers also act as guarantors for the hired foreigner. For example, they take care of the cost of a visa and flight arrangements, and often companies provide housing, meals, and transportation to the place of work for a new employee. But all these issues should be stipulated in advance and set out in the contract.

How do I get a job in Bahrain?

Most expatriates find jobs in Bahrain before transferring by contacting foreign recruitment agencies. Or by contacting Bahrain’s human resources department directly to apply for a job. If you already work for a multinational corporation, you may be able to relocate to Bahrain. Finding a job through your connections and networks is also a standard method. But, if you need a job, you can visit the website below.

Job Search Systems 

Below we have mentioned some websites that may be useful to you when looking for a job in Bahrain. But with the sites mentioned below, you can expect a low response rate of 0.5 to 1.0 percent—people who will respond to you after receiving your application/resume. However, we encourage you to try these sites because you never know what you will find or what connections you will make just by sending an email or filling out a form. You can also contact a local staffing agency in Bahrain.

More and more job seekers are turning to employment agencies for help with the hiring process. A good agency can be a valuable long-term career partner, not just recruiting new prospects.

Consider it a big red flag if a staffing company charges you a surcharge for its services. Legitimate companies are compensated by the staffing firm, not the candidates they place. So even if they find you a job, avoid signing contracts that require you to pay a fee. You can search Google for the nearest staffing agency. It will show you an agency you can visit. There are many online agencies nowadays.

This is the largest job site with more than 2,000 jobs and many direct employers who directly post their vacancies. After finding a job, you can text the employer in the internal messenger or call. There are over 30+ thousand vacancies in different countries and professions from employers and employment agencies abroad. You can see the current vacancies on and find a job abroad.

How it works: 

Register on and post your resume. New applications will come to you in the mail. When your application arrives, you can check the employer’s references.

HRSD Official Website

This is the official government job site for the Saudi Arabian region. The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development runs it.

How can this site help you? This system allows job seekers to register their personal information, list their professional experience, and connect the necessary documentation to apply for jobs that match their qualifications.

This is currently the most commonly used website for finding new job openings in the Middle East.

How can this site help you? It has many jobs in almost every sector. It also has work-from-home jobs. You can also create a resume on this site. Or you can read job blogs and tips on getting an interview. is an online portal that connects employers with eligible job seekers from Saudi Arabia and professionals worldwide.

How can this site help you? If you want to find a job in Saudi Arabia, this site can help you. You can also sign up for email alerts to receive weekly job openings.

Indeed, this is an international job website, but it is also one of Bahrain’s most visited job sites.


They have provided permanent and contract recruitment services in the GCC region since 2005. They partner with many well-known companies and will help you find the best jobs.

CCM Recruitment

CCM is a leading international healthcare recruitment company with more than 25 years of experience, allowing healthcare professionals to fill exciting and challenging positions worldwide. You can give it a try if you work in the healthcare industry.

Jobs In Bahrain

Bahrain Jobs App is the one-stop destination for job seekers and professionals looking for job openings in Bahrain for top-notch or experienced jobs or to kick-start their career/job, especially in Bahrain.

Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced professional looking for full-time or part-time jobs in Bahrain, this app will help you to update with the latest job opportunities in the Bahrain market and top leading jobs, making all the Jobs and offers in Bahrain as easy as swiping your finger.

Bahrain Jobs Apps is one of the job search apps in Bahrain, all in one simple app for a centralized gateway, so you don’t have to keep checking multiple apps to look for jobs as it has all been done in the same app for you to make your job search easier.

With’s job search app, staying on top of your job search has never been easier. Our goal at is to give you instant access to thousands of jobs posted by the region’s leading employers on the go and most quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bahrain Jobs

This app will help you stay updated with all the latest jobs in Bahrain. All content has been sourced and distributed from publicly available RSS feeds and websites for each job posting offered.

You can also strengthen your network by connecting with people through LinkedIn. If you’re fresher, try an internship first rather than a job.

Applicants are expected to have high qualifications, professional experience and skills, ability to work, and language skills. Without these, you cannot compete in the job market. Although Arabic is the primary language, English is widely used by locals and tourists. Therefore, the more skilled the labor, the higher the language proficiency required. With it, jobs will be available.

Bahrainis have an advantage in hiring, but if there are no inquiries from them, you have a permit and contract, and you can count on a good job, a decent wage, and comfortable living conditions.

You should look for jobs in major cities – Manama, Muharraq. Multinational companies in oil and gas, non-ferrous metal production, and shipbuilding. High qualifications are a must. Knowledge of Arabic will increase your chances.

You can find a well-paid job in a chain of hotels internationally renowned. These are waiters, maids, and managers. There are vacancies in the shopping and entertainment centers as salesmen, consultants, and animators. There are jobs in beauty salons for girls as hairdressers, makeup artists, and nail service masters. Of course, having professional experience and knowledge of English at a reasonable level will increase your chances. If you are looking for work in medical centers, you must have the appropriate education and experience in medical institutions.

Finding a job is challenging, but if you try these things and have the skills, you can easily find a job. 

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