The Future of Gaming Through the Lens of Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes the interconnectivity of all devices that have a computer chip, or microchip, inside them. Think of your smartphone connecting to your home computer or the way your smartphone communicates with other devices, like your car or smartwatch. It also includes connecting to your friends’ consoles when playing games.

Internet of Things is becoming increasingly essential in many of our daily lives. It’s now commonplace for IoT to play a role in our games and the sports we watch. From virtual reality (VR) games that let you experience future travel to IoT devices that let you know your heart rate as you play a game, IoT aligns with gaming for a new world of opportunity.

Impact of Internet of Things in Sports and Gaming Industry

Gaming and IoT are two of the biggest technology trends. So it’s no surprise that they’re increasingly converging into what some call “gaming as a service.”

The devices and features are different when we think about the gaming industry. The devices used in gaming are technologically sophisticated tools that mimic reality. They combine sensor-based hardware with wearable technology to make characters move as if a real person was playing them. Thus, when a player moves in reality, the game character also moves. Most games also have views of their own that are built on top of these animations and graphics.

When a player looks up in a game, they can see an overhead view of what they’d see in reality. These devices enable players to communicate and play together even when they’re far apart because they feel what the virtual character feels. It’s a potent tool for socializing and doing business.

IoT Impacts on Online Casinos

Have fun playing the best online casino in Canada since casinos have gone from having to rely on customers visiting them in person to being able to gamble anywhere they want by logging onto a website. It’s only recently that the blossoming trend of the Internet of Things has impacted online casinos, and this development has revolutionized the way casinos are run.

IoT Has Made Gaming More Mobile

Imagine enjoying a game more by using physical objects. If you touch an object, your character feels it too. Virtual reality technology offers gamers the chance to be fully immersed in their gaming experience. It sounded like a dream a decade ago, and now it has become a reality. Pokémon GO is an excellent example of how augmented reality (AR) plays out in the real world. By incorporating the Internet of Things, players of the game can feel like they’re an integral part of the narrative and the activity taking place.

Recently, gaming systems have made access to games more accessible than ever with Bluetooth connectivity and mobile applications. Nowadays, instead of being physically hooked up to the console at home, gamers only need to use a controller while playing their favourite titles on the go. There’s potential for both profit and growth in this new trend.

Gamification of Certain Gaming Activities

A positive thing about gaming mechanics in the Internet of Things is that apps that weren’t gamified before can now have them. For example, apps used for health and fitness have been experimenting with making exercise feel like a game. Zombies, Run!, a popular app paired with a fitness tracker and smartphone, makes users feel like they’re on a running mission from zombies during their morning fitness routine.


IoT provides several opportunities for the gaming industry, and each company has their implementation of this technology within the industry. It’s a key solution where the whole market can be changed, as in, companies can use IoT to differentiate from the rest of the industry by using new techniques and maximizing value and profits.

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