Social Media and SEO: How They Work Together

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Businesses use social media to get their brand in front of a larger audience. SEO, on the other hand, helps increase search traffic to your website.

The good news is that it’s possible to have both SEO and social media working together. In fact, a good digital marketing strategy should have these two strategies working hand in hand. For instance, let’s say you run a Shopify store and you’re stuck on how to get followers on Spotify. You can use both SEO and social media to drive organic traffic to your site.

You can start by creating SEO-friendly blog content on your website and include a giveaway with this content. Share the giveaway details on your social media channels and have participants enter it by signing up on your site. This will not only boost the chances of new audiences discovering your site, but it may also improve your search ranking results.

So, what other ways social media and SEO can work together?

1.    Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles should be an extension of your website. Ensure you optimize any social media profiles you have for search by adding keywords, hashtags, and a link to your website. Also, fill in all the relevant information that a reader may be looking for, such as your contacts and business name. Don’t also forget to add a quality profile picture to your bio.

2.    Use Keywords

Most marketers use keywords on their websites and forget to incorporate the same strategy in their social media content. When crafting content for your social sites, incorporate relevant keywords to increase your reach.

3.    Add Sharing Buttons

Adding share buttons on your website or blog increases traffic from social sites. Strategically place social media sharing buttons at the top of your page or in the sidebars to encourage your audience to share your content.

Further, to get readers to visit your website or blog, add quality CTAs to your social media content. Ensure the CTAs are personalized and have good reasons to compel your audience to visit your site.

4.    Post Quality Content

You’ll have to write unique and informative content to get more people to read and share your content. Quality content increases social media reach and may communicate value to search engines.

Besides, if your content is good, you may get high-quality organic backlinks from influencers or influential websites. Add quality images to your social media content as images may help you rank better in image search. Besides, social media is more visual, meaning such images can increase your social media traffic.

5.    Use Social Media as a Valuable Measuring Tool

Social media can help you understand the type of content your audience is looking for. You’ll also understand your audience better from how they engage with your content. Engagement metrics such as clicks, shares, likes, and comments can help you gauge the type of content and the keyword phrases your audience is engaging with.

Also, you can look at the success of the different social media channels to understand the channels that can give you the best results. While such metrics may not help you with search rankings, they can help you focus your effort on content that matters. From the above, you can tell that using SEO and social media together can help your business in the following ways:

  • Improved interactions – The instant interaction from social media can help you gauge the effectiveness of your content and keyword phrases.
  • Search growth – People who love your content on social media are likely to search your website, which increases search volume growth.
  • Quality backlinks – You can get quality backlinks from online forums and influencers due to sharing quality social media content pieces.
  • A better understanding of your target audience – The kind of engagement your social posts get can help guide your SEO strategy. For example, you can observe which keywords are getting the most attention or what type of content attracts more discussion.
  • Increased brand visibility – Including social media in your SEO strategy can also improve brand recognition and credibility.

In closing, social media and SEO can work together to achieve the same goals. Hopefully, now you understand a few ways how you can use both these strategies to grow your business.

Chandra Shekar

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