Practical new skills worth learning if you plan on visiting Australia

Australia is a land like no other. Visiting Australia is one of those things that features on most people’s bucket lists. If you plan on doing so in the coming months, it’s worth brushing up on a few special skills that will help you to fit right in and get the most out of your stay.

Learn to surf

There are plenty of stereotypes about Australia, one of which is that it is a nation of surfers with perfectly toned beach bodies. That’s not exactly true. In fact, only one in ten Australians know how to surf, while six in ten are either overweight or obese. However, the fact remains that Australia has some of the best surf spots on the planet.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn to surf while you are there if you are a complete novice, but if you really want to get the most out of an Australian surfing experience, it would be better if you at least know the basics of how to surf before you arrive.

Brush up on your poker skills

Another popular story about Australians is their love of a wager. That one stands up to statistical analysis. Australians gamble more per year than any other nationality, and one of the most popular forms of gambling is poker. It’s one thing learning the basics of poker and then heading online to find poker sites at CasinoAus and start playing. The time-consuming part is learning to play well, and especially knowing when to play or fold.

There are some excellent mobile apps out there to help you practice your game, and that provide feedback on when you make a suboptimal call. But really, there is no substitute for experience and the best way to get better at poker is to play poker!

Do some off-roading

There are vast swathes of Australian outback just waiting to be explored. Head inland from any one of the big cities and you’ll be surprised how quickly the immaculately maintained blacktop turns into a combination of well worn tarmac interspersed with unpaved dirt roads. Venture off the main arteries and you need to be ready for anything, so a four-wheel drive jeep or equivalent is a must-have.

The outback is beautiful but it can be dangerous. If you’ve never driven a 4×4, the Australian outback is no place to start, so get a little experience first, especially of when to use the four wheel drive and how to drive with it.

Try some different coffees

Forget the tinnies, Australian liquid refreshment these days is more likely to be in the form of a “cappu, mate.” Australia has become obsessed with coffee over the past 20 years, and it is equally true to say that the rest of the world is becoming just as obsessed with Australian coffee culture.

You will find more artisan coffee shops in Australia than anywhere else in the world, and they are even fighting back against the global brands with which we are all familiar. Granted, it’s not essential to practice drinking coffee in advance of your visit, but the more you know about different beans and blends, the more rewarding you will find the experience.

Learn to explore under the sea

We finish where we started, on the golden sand surrounded by those archetypal surfer dudes and girls. Surfing is only one of a dozen watersports you could try, and if we are going to mention a second, it has to be scuba diving.

Without wishing to sound too evangelical, visiting Australia’s coral reefs really is like being granted guest admittance to another world. You need to be a certified scuba diver, and while you could learn while you are there, it’s going to make for a more memorable experience if you already hold a license and know what you are doing.

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