Most Powerful SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2022

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What is SEO? Why is it Important?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process by which websites appear higher on the search engine results pages.

SEO is important because competition on the internet is very intense. Businesses have learned that the internet is a powerful medium that can be used for marketing.

Hence, there are a lot of companies that are making their presence known on the internet. In this situation, customers are very trusting of the search engines. Any website that shows up on the first page of the results page is easily accepted as a good site.

So, SEO is important to do because you want to attract a lot of traffic to generate business.

Blogging in particular is a great way to do SEO. Good content with good links goes a long way to help a website rank higher in the SERPs.

Powerful SEO Tools for Bloggers

1.     Yoast Content Analyzer

Yoast is a great website that offers a lot of SEO-related services. This time, we are looking at their content analyzer which is a great tool for bloggers to use.

Good content lends itself to good SEO, so your content must be engaging and understandable.

This blogger outreach tools allows you to put an entire blog post in the text box. Yoast will analyze your content and will give you useful readability metrics.

Yoast content analyzer

For example, it will measure and describe what is the ‘Copy Score’ in the ‘Flesch Reading Ease’ test. Then it will caution you if your content is too hard to read.

Other things it will inform you about are the length of your paragraphs and the length of your sentences.

It will also show a preview of what your page might look like on the Google search result page.

This content analyzer tool does not just give you stats and advice. It allows you to make those changes on the spot using its text editing tool.

content assessments

The Yoast content analyzer is a great tool that offers a lot of value to bloggers. Bloggers can use this tool to make their content more engaging and accessible.


Bloggers are supposed to write a lot. Sometimes they have written about similar topics so much that they unintentionally start to self-plagiarize. A paraphrasing tool can be a useful solution to this issue. provides a nice tool that can be used to reword your text without changing its meaning.


This tool has three modes; Fluency, Standard, and Creative.

Fluency mode strives to make the result more readable. Paraphrasing done in this mode flows better and is easier to read.

Standard mode just replaces some words with synonyms and does not care if it makes the result harder or easier to read.

The Creative mode is limited to premium users only.

It has a 500-word limit for free users, unfortunately. But even with that drawback, it is a great tool that bloggers can use to prevent redundancy and plagiarism in their content.

No plagiarism and no redundancy in the content equals good SEO.

3.     Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer by Ahrefs is one of the five tools/services they offer for SEO.

This tool is very comprehensive. Let’s take a look at how this tool works and why it is good for bloggers.

To start off you need to create an account. After you have registered, you can go to the keyword explorer on the Ahrefs website.


Once you are there, you can choose your search engine and type out a keyword in the search bar. Immediately you will see four graphics that give you some valuable data about your keyword.

The first graph shows the keyword difficulty. This basically shows how hard or easy it will be to rank in the top ten websites in the SERPs for that keyword. It will also give you the estimated number of backlinks you will need from unique websites to help you rank in the top ten.

The second graph shows you the search volume for that keyword and how many of those searches actually ended up clicking on a link or not.

The graph also shows which months the keyword was most searched for. For example, “Shoes/backpacks” would be most searched for in August and June when the summer vacation ends and children are going back to school.

The third graph shows how many of those clicks on that keyword search were due to paid advertisements or due to organic searches. The last graph shows which countries were responsible for the most search of that keyword.

Below these graphs, you can see the suggestion ‘Parent topic’. According to Ahrefs, the parent topic “determines If you can rank for your target keyword while targeting a more general topic on your page”.

Basically, it gives you a suggestion of a keyword that is related to the keyword you inquired about but has more reach.

These were some of the features of the keyword explorer. They can be very helpful for bloggers.


In 2022, it is more important than ever for bloggers to use a plagiarism checker. Search engines are intelligent enough to find out if a website has plagiarized content.

If they do find such content, they penalize the site by ranking it lower on the SERPs. Offenders may even be delisted from that particular search engine…which is bad for SEO.


Bloggers are the ones most in danger of falling prey to plagiarism. They have to write a lot of content and accidental plagiarism or self-plagiarism can sometimes sneak its way in.

To detect such plagiarism, bloggers can make use of the duplication checker by

It is completely free to use and it has no word limit; you can check both very large and very small documents.


The results of the check are very reliable. You will be able to see the percentage of duplicated content in your work. The URL of that duplicate content will also be given.

This tool supports multiple languages so it’s not limited to English writers only. Other features include the capability of uploading documents to check them for plagiarism.


These were some of the most powerful SEO tools bloggers can use in 2022.

Yoast content analyzer can help bloggers by making their content more engaging and accessible. It gives helpful suggestions for that purpose. can help remove plagiarism and redundancy from a blogger’s write-up.

Ahrefs keyword explorer can give bloggers more ideas about which keywords to target and write content about.

The plagiarism checker can help writers make sure that their content is free from duplication.

Using these tools bloggers can improve the SEO of their sites.

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