Mobile SEO: optimization oriented towards mobile devices

Mobile SEO encompasses good practices and tactics to optimize web content that is intended to be displayed on mobile devices. Especially on smartphones and tablets.

Digital information search and consumption habits have undoubtedly changed. The cell phone is the most widely used technology to search for content and view information.

What is Mobile SEO and why use it?

Users who enter a website may get information that needs to display properly on a cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch. This has a serious implication: they will have difficulty knowing that content so they will look for another source of information.

Well, mobile SEO refers to tactics you should incorporate to optimize your websites to be compatible with the most used devices today. This will avoid inconvenience in your visits and encourage people to stay longer on your digital channels.

User habits are leaning towards “mobile” technology

The statistics are clear. According to Hootsuite and Shopify:

  • 5.34 billion people use mobile phones, equivalent to 60% of the world’s population.
  • Mobile device users increased from 2021 to 2022 by 1.8%, adding more than 93 million users.
  • Mobile device users visit twice as many pages on YouTube as computer users.
  • 1 in 2 online purchases is made from mobile devices.
  • The mobile commerce channel is taking the lead. Its sales were estimated at 437 billion dollars in 2022, an increase of 21.5% compared to 2021.

How does Mobile SEO work?

It verifies quality attributes that an adaptive web or mobile application must meet. Responsive apps automatically adjust the layout and appearance of your content. This is according to the screen’s configuration and the person’s device.

On the other hand, the quality attributes take into account:

  • the importance of loading speed,
  • user experience
  • and the ease of conversion for customers using mobile devices.

These attributes are achieved through attention to design fundamentals that we describe below:

1. Ease of use

Your website should be easy to use and enjoyable to visit. Also, it would help if you met your goals. This means the user should get what he came looking for on the website while enjoying a nice interface.

SEO writing is also key because it provides optimized and engaging content that increases visibility.

2. Efficiency when performing tasks

With a design oriented to Mobile SEO, a coherent interface and a selection of tasks that can be done efficiently is sought. You may have many options or features in mind for your application, but it is advisable to prioritize the most important and common tasks.

3. Consistency in design

Avoid having multiple layouts: one for the website being visited from a computer and one for the smartphone or tablet.

So, Google’s recommendation is to use a template with a responsive web design. This saves you from having to update and maintain different implementations of your website. With a responsive template, you only have to keep a single website.

Advantages of Mobile SEO

Having an optimized site has become an essential requirement. It’s important because, according to Think with Google, 75% of users say they get stressed when a web page takes time to load. And after a wait time of 3 seconds on average, 53% of users leave the page.

Do you want to make sure you get all the pieces of the billionaire pie that mobile marketing means? Then use Mobile SEO. Their strategies and the resulting optimization give you the advantages of taking advantage of the Mobile First trend :

  • A display of higher quality content.
  • Content optimization thanks to SEO writing and the need to show what is relevant.
  • More visiting time.
  • Views, clicks and “likes”.
  • New customer conversions include attracting the younger generation to your mobile marketing campaign.
  • Increase your recommendations and sales.
  • Responsive design patterns that implement lighter code significantly decrease load time.
  • Marketing based on more precise geolocation.

The trend towards using mobile devices, both for the consumption of content and for online purchases, is already an incentive to take into account the principles of mobile SEO. And if we add that it allows you to create personalized experiences that engage the audience, you have a powerful tool to improve your visibility.

We encourage you to incorporate Mobile SEO and benefit from better positioning and more positive reviews from your users.

Chandra Shekar

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