Free Games to Win Real Money in 2022

The craze for real money games is constantly growing among online gaming enthusiasts. In the present time, watching T.V or movies is not the only source of entertainment for people. A large number of people indulge in playing online games. While some may find these games fun and exciting, some consider them to generate some extra cash. Many online games offer an earning opportunity to players.

In this article, we discover such online games and find out more information about them. If you are interested in knowing the names of free popular online games and players can win real money, then read our complete article. The best website as per our survey is which is user friendly and provides great offers on sign up and bonus money.


When it comes to playing games to generate money online, Swagbucks is one of the most popular gaming enthusiasts. This online gaming platform offers multiple free games to play and win real money. Moreover, you can also completely different activities such as surveys, watching and reviewing the videos, and web searching for winning real money. This online gaming platform works with different devices, including Android and iOS.

When you play games for real money at Swagbucks, you can benefit from several prize options such as PayPal and gift card rewards. You might be wondering how much one can earn by playing online games. While it depends on the types of games and the player’s potential, one can earn between $1 and $ 45 per game by completing different levels. At Swagbucks, different online games may have different milestones that players need to complete within a certain period. Here are some popular online games that you can play at Swagbucks and earn real money:

  • Card games
  • Casino games
  • Adventure
  • Dice games
  • Bingo
  • Puzzles

Besides these games, you can also earn money by online surveys, scanning paper receipts, watching videos, and shopping online. Many things make Swag bucks a better opportunity for playing real money games. Some of these features involve the availability of multiple games; only a few games require in-app purchases, PayPal Cash rewards, and Amazon gift cards. Players above 13 years can easily enjoy playing real money games at the Swagbucks. You can also get a low payout threshold at Swagbucks.

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire cube is a popular mobile game created by Tether Studios. This online card game is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can easily download the app and start playing Solitaire Cube. This online game is currently one of the top-ranked online games in the industry. You can play Solitaire, a classic solo card game that allows players to win real money. According to the players, Solitaire Cube is mainly related to speed. Usually, the game starts with a timer of five minutes.

Free Games - Solitaire Cube

Players can earn points for each card banked from the live board during the game. There can be a few strategies and skills required to solve the game. If you complete the game early, you can earn a few extra points as a reward. The game that most attracts players is Solitaire Cube is a card game that they can play for real money. You can earn cash and merchandise rewards at Solitaire Cube. Usually, the tournaments at Solitaire Cube start with $1. You can practice this game for free and learn to increase your chances of winning.


Another popular online gaming and money-making platform are InboxDollars, compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can also play games at InboxDollars from your computer. Usually, InboxDollars offer players different rewards such as Cash, PayPal, and gift cards. InboxDollars provides multiple ways, such as online gaming to players for earning cash rewards. Some of the popular free online games at InboxDollars are Outspell and Mahjong Solitaire. Other ways to generate extra cash on this platform include completing surveys, shopping online, watching and reviewing videos, reading sponsored emails, and redeeming coupons.

At InboxDollars, when you complete any specific task, you can earn different cash prizes. Usually, the Scratch & Win cards at InboxDollars offer a maximum prize of $100 to active members. The payment options at this online gaming platform are PayPal, gift cards, direct deposit, and paper checks. If you are a new member at InboxDollars, you can get a $5 signup bonus as a welcome offer from the gaming site. Some popular features of InboxDollars include rewards for GSN games, availability of multiple tasks for earning real money, cash, and gift cards.

Zynga Poker

We all know the popularity of poker games in the online gaming industry. Zynga Poker is compatible with different devices such as Android and iOS. You can win cash prizes by playing different online games at Zynga Poker. One of the popular online games at Zynga Poker is Texas HoldEm that is played with five or nine players. Usually, at Zynga Poker, cash tournaments buy-ins start at $0.99 and can go up to $399.99. Zynga Poker offers new players to earn up to 60,000 free chips when creating their accounts.

Zynga Poker

You can also earn free chips at Zynga Poker by completing different activities such as finishing daily challenges, playing lucky bonus slot machines, and watching ads. If you are a regular and consistent player at Zynga Poker, then you enter the VIP loyalty club and can enjoy poker games along with many in-game benefits. Zynga Poker has many features that gaming enthusiasts love, such as fast-paced Texas Hold the rules, chips by completing in-app activities, variable buy-ins for cash tournaments, and different multiplayer tournaments.


MyPoints is a popular online gaming platform that offers rewards for completing different activities such as surveys, watching videos, and online shopping. Aside from completing these activities, players can also participate in online free games and easily earn real money. Players can use rewards earned at MyPoint to shop online from top brands. Gaming enthusiasts looking for a way to earn rewards and prizes while playing their favourite games can benefit from MyPoints. Whether completing surveys or answering different poll questions, MyPoints will reward you according to your scores. With the help of these tasks and activities, you can build up points without spending any of your money at MyPoints.

MyPoints has an online gaming application that works effortlessly on different devices such as Android, Windows, and iOS. Players can get prizes like cash and gift cards. MyPoints has partnered with WorldWinner to offer different cash tournaments to provide high-quality online games. If you enter the daily cash tournaments through MyPoints, you can get 4 points per $1 of game entry. First-time players at MyPoints can get a one-time deposit to play online games.

People can also practice the online games present at MyPoints for free by depositing an entry fee of just 25 cents. Experienced players at MyPoints can constantly increase their daily winnings. Here are some popular online games you can play at MyPoints and win real money.

  • Spades
  • Solitaire
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Scrabble
  • Angry Birds
  • Bejewelled
  • Super Plinko
  • Trivial Pursuit

Other free and easy ways to earn rewards on MyPoints include completing online surveys, watching and reviewing videos, and trying different new apps. You can also benefit from online shopping and in-store purchases by spending money on the platform. Players who want to redeem their rewards for Amazon gift cards may need $3 and $5 for restaurants and stores. You can also redeem your rewards for PayPal cash with $10. The multiple earning opportunities are one of the reasons why MyPoints is becoming more and more popular among gaming enthusiasts.


Gamehag can be a good option for earning real money while playing online games. At Gamehag, players must collect soul gems by playing free online games. They can later exchange these soul gems with a prepaid Mastercard. Games allow players to play games that pay real money. Moreover, they can also completely differently tasks to get rewarded on this online gaming app. Gamehag has a mobile application with Android, iOS, and computer devices. Play different online games and complete activities; players can win multiple prizes such as game keys, spins, and gift cards.


You can play games on this online platform from the comfort of your home and earn rewards after finishing different levels. If you are a consistent player at Gamehag, you can join the VIP program and benefit from multiple bonus points and additional perks. If you download non-gaming apps or complete surveys at Gamehag, you can also earn bonus points. There can be a low prize redemption at the Gamehag. On this online mobile gaming app, there can be a requirement of $10 for gift cards.

Aside from earning points and cash, you can earn different rewards such as digital game codes, spins, cryptocurrency, retail and restaurant gift cards, and prepaid MasterCard gift cards. You can expect unique opportunities at Gamehag than other online gaming sites. Players who do not want PayPal Cash can try the combination of cash and in-game rewards. The reasons behind the popularity of Gamehag include:

  • Multiple redemption options.
  • No requirement for any in-app purchases.
  • The availability of several mobile and computer games.


So, now that you know the top free games that you can play for earning real money, you can select the one that fits your needs and start playing on your mobile. These online games gained immense popularity during the pandemic. According to the players, these games helped them cheer up their anxious mood and helped people enjoy and entertain. Moreover, many players have won real cash prizes by entering different cash tournaments.

Many online real money games are similar to the regular games you may play at your homes, such as poker, ludo, rummy, knife hit, and fantasy games. The only difference is that here you can win real money. These online games can be fun to enjoy and spend your time while also adding some extra cash to your income. However, there are specific strategies that one must follow to win real cash games. Also, players should always find legit online gaming sites and offer reliable gaming products.

Many skilled and professional players play real money-earning games on the gaming mentioned above apps. The gaming enthusiasts who have been playing for a long time and constantly work on their gameplay by developing effective strategies can win big on these games. This is why whenever you plan to indulge in online real money games, understand how the professionals play and learn the legality of these games. Overall, free online games to win real money can be fun and exciting for players.

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