Five Modern Hiring Phenomena

Technology has changed the way we hire at our businesses, but the pandemic took it a step further. Suddenly, we were working in new ways. People quit their jobs. They changed careers. With so many vacancies, all kinds of companies are struggling to hire. Whether you are starting a new company or want to expand your business, everyone needs high-quality employees. Hiring isn’t easy, but you should do everything in your power to find the right candidate for the job. Below are five phenomena of the modern hiring world.

Hiring Straight to Remote

Since the pandemic began, so many office workers have been staying home. Work became remote for most white-collar jobs. Then people began hiring for straight to remote jobs. This is perhaps the most significant factor in modern hiring. You can now hire remote workers right off the bat. In fact, many job listings are now stating upfront whether it is a remote job or a job that requires you to come to the office. These days, candidates are expecting a remote in a lot of cases. Time will tell if this changes, but for now hiring straight to remote is the biggest phenomenon in business.

Outsourcing Abroad

It has become a cliché to mention overseas workers building iPhones or making sneakers. While outsourcing abroad used to only mean that you are getting cheap labor, now it is a little different. You can hire high-quality employees that live abroad. Whatever the job is, the right person for it may not live near you or even in the same country. To hire abroad you will need a few things including an employer of record services, but if you follow the steps and utilize international workers and assets, you will be able to keep your overhead low and receive high-quality work.

Outsourcing Whole Parts of the Business

Depending on what your business is involved in, it has become a popular option to forgo hiring a full wing of the business and outsource a part of it to a private company. For example, data entry can be done in house but it is typically better to hire a data entry service instead of paying all the salaries it takes to do it in-house. Data is a very common part of the company to outsource, but so are information technology (IT) and Cloud services. These things could be vital to the business, but many companies are paying someone to do it well rather than hire employees that have to be trained.


Like outsourcing to another business, another way to forego paying salaries is to hire freelancers. Freelance has become a viable option for so many professionals. Whether they are a graphic designer, a writer, a cybersecurity expert, or another one of the many jobs that freelancers do, any company can find someone to do what they need done. Someone doesn’t just become a freelancer overnight. It takes skill and experience for freelance to be lucrative, but next time you need work done but don’t want to hire a person, think about contracting with a freelancer.

Ghosting & Lack of Interest

With so many people receiving unemployment benefits, there has been a massive reluctance to go back to work. Many people were making more money on unemployment than they were at their jobs. This has led to candidates ghosting employers and responding with a lack of interest. In many ways, it is unprecedented. There has never been a time when people were so unenthusiastic about working. Whether they want to change jobs, need more money, or demand to work from home, ghosting and lack of interest in jobs is a huge hiring phenomenon.

Hiring in business has never looked quite like it does today. You are likely hiring for remote jobs. You are outsourcing. You are hiring freelancers. You are experiencing ghosting and lack of interest. These hiring phenomena are coming from a place that represents the paradigm. There is a lot of uncertainty. When you are hiring people, you will sense their hesitancy. Will the job work out? Will it pay well? Will I like it? These are all questions they are asking themselves. As an employer, it’s paramount to stay the course and utilize various methods in tandem to find the perfect candidate for the job.

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