Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings – The Perfect Fit

Emerald cut engagement rings are among the most iconic and recognizable engagement ring styles available today. Designed to be unique and different, emerald-cut engagement rings are beautiful, elegant, and unique without being over-the-top or gaudy. Emerald cut engagement rings have become an iconic part of both pop culture and the world of jewelry, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their ring style.

What are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Emerald cut engagement rings are an unusual form of engagement ring. While there is a tremendous amount of variation in-ring styles, emerald cut diamonds have but one defining feature: a square (rectangular) shape with four beveled corners and a table-like top. If you’re looking for something other than round or princess cuts, you may consider emerald cuts.

This particular style of diamond used to be very popular and still has quite a following among those who appreciate its understated beauty. What makes it so attractive? It might not seem like much at first glance, but many people find that it’s easier to design around an emerald-cut diamond than most others since their shape gives you room for more creativity. No matter what kind of setting they’re put into, they’ll always fit quite nicely without filling up too much space due to their rectangular nature.

The History and Future of Emerald Cut Rings

The emerald cut ring is more than a pretty engagement ring. It has a long history and tradition that many people are unaware of. Over time, it became popular as a wedding band for both men and women. Please keep reading to learn how these stunning rings came about and why they’re so perfect for engagement rings!

There’s no denying that diamonds are one of nature’s most beautiful gemstones. But although diamonds may be forever, not everyone wants to wear a diamond on their finger during the marriage or any other special occasion in life. That’s why you should consider getting an emerald-cut engagement ring because it combines style with durability and can last throughout everyday use without ever losing its sparkle. Plus, with an emerald-cut, you can get something much bigger (like an elongated shape) than what’s possible with a traditional round-cut stone, making your loved one feel extra special on your big day!

Is the Emerald Cut Diamond Right for You?

Before deciding on your engagement ring and choosing an emerald-cut engagement ring, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, what is an emerald-cut diamond? It’s a variation of square shape, which was initially designed by Marcel Tolkowsky and unveiled in 1919 at a New York jewelry exposition.

A classic example of an emerald-cut engagement ring is one with a 1/4 to 1/3 width-to-length ratio. This means that for every four millimeters (1/3 inch) of length, there will be approximately 3 millimeters (1/4 inch) of width. Jackie Kennedy, also known as The Fairest of Them All, bought it for then-husband Aristotle Onassis in 1959 and later sold it at auction for $970,000 in 1979. They had only worn it once or twice.

How to Choose Your Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring?

There’s no denying that emerald-cut diamonds are stunning, but their unique shape can sometimes make them a little trickier to purchase. Follow these tips when choosing an emerald-cut engagement ring to ensure your bride-to-be is completely satisfied with her new ring.

4 Tips on Buying an Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds are often ideal for engagement rings, as they have a lot of sparkle and shine. Of course, you want your ring to be a perfect fit for you and your partner, so here are four tips for buying an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

1) Make sure that it looks good on your hand.

2) If you’re working with an experienced jeweler, ask about customizing your setting for an emerald-cut or other specific type of stone.

3) You can incorporate a different shape into your setting–another popular option is pear-shaped or square-shaped gems.

4) Be willing to go with something nontraditional–shape and cut are in no way related when it comes to how much your stone will cost!

Prices vary based on size, color, clarity, and more; there’s absolutely no reason why you should limit yourself because of conventional ideas about what constitutes good value in terms of ring design or beauty.


Although emerald-cut engagement rings were initially intended to give a more understated look, they quickly became one of the most popular diamond cuts on the market. While brides have always loved emerald-cut engagement rings for their graceful elegance, it’s not uncommon for men to become smitten with them as well. If you’re shopping for an emerald cut ring, don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite—or your partner’s!

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