Tips for Choosing the Best Electronic Logbook

An electronic logbook (e-log) or electronic logging device (ELD) is a computer tablet, small in size, which is mounted on a truck. It can also be a mobile device that the driver can hold. The device captures accurate data on vehicle operations and driver activity. In the long term, the e-log helps the trucking company or managers of commercial vehicles to save money and time. Although the electronic logbook came into use through a government mandate, vehicle managers and owners have come to appreciate it because of streamlining the operations, reducing paperwork, providing accurate data, and many other benefits.

Here are some crucial tips that can help fleet operators and managers to choose the best electronic logbooks for their vehicles:

Consider the features of the electronic logbook

The ELD is hardware and software together in one, and you will enjoy benefits and services depending on the extra features of the device. Although all of the e-logs can capture the time of operations of the vehicle, the extra features determine the advanced services you will receive. Some of the additional features include location tracking, tamper-proof seal, and others. It would help to check the extra features when buying an e-log to ensure that you get all of the services you need.

Research about the manufacturer or vendor

The electronic logbook market is full of devices from different manufacturers, making choosing the appropriate one an uphill task. Luckily, you can narrow down the search by checking the manufacturers and vendors to have only a few trusted and reputable industry players. You can click here to get in touch with the leading e-log dealer. It is a company with many years of experience selling genuine ELDs and other vehicle safety and entertainment innovations.

Some of the pointers of a reliable manufacturer or vendor are whether the company is registered, the number of years it has been operational, the reviews from clients, and even the stability of the company. If you feel convinced the e-log seller is a reliable company, you can go ahead to buy from them, but buy reputable brands.

Check if the electronic logbook is registered

The electronic logbook came to use after the enforcement of the law that requires all commercial vehicles to be fitted with the gadgets. Because they are mainly for compliance with the law, all ELDs have to register with the relevant government department to ensure they meet the basic standards. This is to ensure the drivers stick to the prescribed hours of service and at the same time improve productivity. You must verify that an e-log is registered before parting with your money, and then check for the extra features.

Consider the cost implications from the solution

When buying an electronic logbook solution for your fleet of trucks, you have to factor in the cost implications the purchase will have on your business. As you seek extra features and to get value for money, it would help not to surpass your budget which you will have arrived at after researching the market. Moreover, find from the solution providers the annual subscription costs and any other to make an informed decision. You also need to be sure there are no hidden charges that may add to the financial burden later.

While buying the best electronic logbook solution for your fleet, consider the extra features of the system, the reliability of the manufacturer or seller, the cost implications, and if the e-log is registered and approved by the authorities.

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