8 Dressing Tips For Women To Go In The Office

Dressing according to the occasion is a motto that not only women but everyone should live by. Office wear needs to be carefully selected and worn. Choosing office wear can become a huge task if not planned in the right manner. 

There are certain points which one needs to keep in mind to select the right fit. Dressing in a sophisticated manner is the most important point which one needs to keep in mind while preparing themselves for the office. Many working places follow a code of conduct when it comes to office wear that one needs to look into..

Dressing Tips For Women

Dressing in the right way will help you feel confident. It’s important to feel good and not conscious. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced individual these tips are for everyone.


While shopping for office wear online or offline one can follow these tips. This will make the whole experience easy to deal with. It will also keep the confusion away. The office or a workplace is a formal setting. The same goes for office wear, it has to be formal wear. Here are some tips which will help you in making the right pick

1.Sophisticated Makeup is the Key

Dressing in a sophisticated manner is the most important point which one needs to keep in mind while preparing themselves for office wear. Many working places follow a code of conduct when it comes to office wear and one needs to look into this.

Bright and glossy lips are something that one should not opt for.  Going for minimalistic lashes is a great option to pep up your makeup look. These days one can go for eyelash extensions bulk. They are long lasting and one doesn’t need to be worried about applying mascara everyday.  They are very comfortable and trending at the moment.

2.Choose Subtle Colours

The most important tip is to choose subtle colors. One should not go for bright and attractive colors that can distract someone’s attention. Going for vivid and fluorescent colors can make you look wrong as the etiquette needs to be maintained all year long. To be on the safer side one can choose pastel-colored clothes.

Light greys or light blues for office wear are also a good option. Choosing bright colors can affect the environment in the workplace. One can always refer to a color wheel. Trying out your office wear before buying them is a great deed you could do for yourself. It is important to try out clothes to know their exact fit.

Choose Subtle Colours

3.Don’t over accessorize 

Cladding oneself in a lot of jewelry is something that needs to be avoided. The jewelry you are wearing should be minimal and not very eye-catching. It shouldn’t be too heavy that it starts irritating you midway nor should it be something that gets caught in your clothes and obstructs your movement. It shouldn’t become a hindrance in your work.

Go for simple pieces which are not too heavy yet make a statement. Going for heavy pieces can end up messing up the whole look and is not suitable in an office environment. The pieces you pick should be light and dainty.

4.Formal Footwear to the Rescue

The footwear which one opts for should be comfortable and sturdy. It shouldn’t hinder your movement. One can opt for dark-colored heels or formal shoes and sandals in case of footwear. 

Heels should be avoided if you struggle walking in them. If you are opting for shoes or sandals they should be easy to wear or tie and shouldn’t become a complication. Going for fancy sandals or bright-colored heels is not worth it as it can not only stand out in the wrong way but can also ruin your whole look.

5.Keep it Minimal

As the saying goes, less is more. This motto needs to be followed when it comes to office wear. Your whole look should be appropriate to the environment around you. In an office setting that is generally formal one should stick to being minimalistic as it’s the right way. Minimal looks will always make a statement.

6.Keep the Hair tidy

Styling your hair and keeping them neat is an important part of office wear. They shouldn’t look too shabby or undone. Your hair shouldn’t come in the way and obstruct your work. Heavy hair accessories should be avoided as they can take away all the attention.

7.Comfort shouldn’t be sidelined

When you are out and about shopping don’t buy clothes that are too tight or might just end up suffocating you. Keep in mind that you will be working for a long period and your workwear shouldn’t become an obstacle to your goal. Comfort along with the other points has to be given equal attention. Uncomfortable clothes can make you feel uneasy and that needs to be ignored. 

Buying cotton shirts that are loose and airy can work wonders. A plain white shirt is a must-have as you can pair it with anything. Investing in a good pair of trousers or a shirt can be of great value. Many offices make it mandatory to wear blazers. The blazer you opt for shouldn’t be too heavy or bright in color. 

8.Try Out the Look Beforehand

Trying your whole outfit along with the accessories, jewelry, shoes, and makeup will give you an idea of how it would look. It’s a safe option. You can always tweak the look according to your style and add more to it if need be.Taking a pic of the whole look after trying it will help you save some time when you dress up for work the next time.

Try Out the Look Beforehand


Dressing for the office is now hassle-free as you don’t need to worry.Subtlety is the key when it comes to office wear, while styling it as per once choice should not take a back seat. These days one has a lot of exposure to fashion ideas. Explore till you get what spices up your look. Just keep in mind that your attire speaks a lot about your personality. So choose wisely.

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