Cricket betting: all you need to know

Despite the low prevalence of this activity, the popularity of cricket betting is very high. The thing is that in India, cricket is the number one sport and therefore most of the Indian sports fans bet on it. Let’s also not forget that the population of India has long ago exceeded one billion people. 

Cricket is poorly studied by the European and US players, but there is every reason to believe that there are a lot of value bets in its line.

Cricket betting

What we can bet on?

Many novice betters believe that the only option is to bet on one’s win. However, in cricket there are 5 main types:

Win in a match

Usually, bookmakers accept bets only on team wins, but in cricket a draw is possible. There are two types of the draw: by score or by time. Almost all bookmakers do not place bets on a draw, and when it happens, they make a return to all players who bet on a win.

Win in a tournament

Cricket tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so you can analyze the teams and bet on this market with ease. This is considered one of the best strategies.

Best batsman/bowler

In cricket, it is very rare when one player is head and shoulders above their teammates, so such a bet will be very risky. Yet this bet can bring enormous profit to the player.

Total points of the best player of the match

Also, you can bet on the individual performance of the players. This type of cricket betting is considered less popular and riskier.

Other types

Bookmakers accept bets on the total of wides or run-outs, on the total of runs of the first pair of batsmen of the team. You can also bet on which team will score more runs or run-outs, etc. Such bets are best made only after you fully understand the rules of cricket.

Cricket betting features

Cricket is an incredibly interesting sport that has a lot of nuance in the rules. It is popular in the following countries:

  • New Zealand;
  • Australia;
  • England;
  • India;
  • South Africa;
  • some South Asian countries.

This is one of the few sports where professionals play live. The long length of the matches allows you to make unhurried decisions, but you need to be careful because during the game the weather conditions can change several times, which will make big adjustments to its outcome.

Very often unexpected results occur in cricket, so quotes for outsiders in this sport are usually underestimated. It is best to use the strategy of betting on approximately equal opponents in cricket.

A huge plus for bettors is that cricket is not common in the USA, Korea, and Japan, where there are a lot of professional players. Usually, ordinary fans of this sport, who are far from making money on bets, bet on cricket. This leads to large line loads, on which you can earn good money.

Thus cricket betting is quite a profitable and interesting occupation.

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