YouTube Music Redesign: Exploring the Updates and Enhancements

YouTube, owned by Google, has recently rolled out a new design for its web platform, YouTube Music, following changes to its monetization rules. The redesign aims to enhance user experience by providing easier access to playlists through a navigation drawer. Let’s delve into the details of these updates and explore what they mean for users.

Changes in YouTube Music

The company is implementing this redesign in stages. The first notable change is the repositioning of the ‘Home,’ ‘Explore,’ and ‘Library’ tabs, which have been shifted from the top of the screen to the left side. This layout resembles the design of the YouTube website, with these three main segments and a navigation drawer. Additionally, the drawer will feature a “New playlist” option, facilitating playlist creation for users.

According to a media report, the navigation panel will allow users to pin up to 50 recent playlists at the top, along with their favorite music and new podcast episodes. The ‘Search’ tab has also been expanded to include a full-fledged search bar. Furthermore, all filters, including ‘Workout,’ ‘Relax,’ ‘Podcasts,’ ‘Energize,’ ‘Commute,’ and ‘Focus,’ will be positioned just below the search bar for easy access.

Unchanged Features in YouTube Music

While YouTube Music undergoes a revamp, some elements on the homepage remain consistent. The Cast option, recommendations tabs, and menu to access accounts are still located on the right side of the screen. After the update, the Library tab will now display a drop-down menu at the top, allowing users to switch between four different options. These options include Library, Downloads, and Device files. Additionally, on the top right corner of the Library tab, users can find the ‘History,’ ‘Cast,’ ‘Search,’ and ‘Account’ options.


The recent redesign of YouTube Music reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience and accessibility. The new layout, resembling the YouTube website, offers convenient access to playlists through the navigation drawer. Users can quickly navigate through different segments while exploring their favorite music and podcasts. With a more expansive search bar and easy-to-find filters, finding specific content becomes a breeze.

The unchanged elements, such as the Cast option and recommendations tabs, provide continuity for users accustomed to the previous design. The drop-down menu in the Library tab allows users to switch seamlessly between different options, including Library, Downloads, and Device files.

Overall, these updates aim to streamline the user interface and provide a more intuitive experience for YouTube Music users. As Google continues to refine its platforms, it’s exciting to see how these changes will shape the future of music streaming on YouTube.

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