Your First Luxury Watch: The Key Steps To A Successful Purchase

luxury watch

You have finally saved up enough money to buy a high-quality watch and you want to be prepared. It is not a small investment so you want to tick all the boxes of what this watch should look like and what features it should have. Buying your first luxury watch is an exciting experience because it signifies that you are celebrating your hard work. With a vast array of different timepieces, you may get overwhelmed by all the options. Let’s go back to ticking all the boxes before making such a big purchase.

Your Budget

The first thing you should consider is how much money you intend to spend on your luxury piece. There is a wide price range which also means different quality and brand popularity. Create a budget for yourself and do not go over it if it comes to thousands of dollars more than you have planned. It is understandable it is something you wanted for quite some time and expect the best watch. However, your day-to-day obligations and expenses should not suffer. 

Make baby steps. More expensive ones can wait when you are ready for them. Why not invest in a pre-owned watch and save some money? The history behind every vintage watch is far more valuable than a brand new one. Also, if you understand the importance of a circular economy nowadays, then think about this option.


Choose the one that suits your personality and lifestyle. If you opt for classic outfits and often wear business attire, then look for a dress style. It will compliment all your business meetings and formal events with its classic but rich design. More casual looks go well with leather strap watches while those diving enthusiasts can have their luxury watches. Diving watches are water-resistant and have all the functions a diver needs when underwater. 


While scrolling through numerous watch brands, you will notice that a couple of brands always get your attention due to their design or functions. This makes your decision-making easier. Do more research on these brands you have picked. You may find your favorite watch brand and be their loyal customer.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from renowned watchmakers such as Rolex or Patek Philippe. If you want to be more unique and different, look for more niche brands like Coggiola and Martenero. 

In-store Shopping

If you are looking for your first luxury watch, you are most likely going to buy it in a store. There is nothing like the experience you get when entering a watch store and trying out a couple of watches. You get a feeling of how it looks on your wrist and whether it is the right one for you. In some cases, the piece you see on the website is not the same as when seeing it in person.

Also, the staff will help you with your purchase. Talk with them about your lifestyle and they will know which watch is the best for you. The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. in Scottsdale, Arizona is one such store led by a group of experienced professionals who will teach you all there is to know about your first luxury watch.

Online Purchase

Some people feel comfortable getting their first watch online. It is convenient because you can compare prices from different online stores and even find some discounts. They also offer better prices since they don’t need to invest in brick-and-mortar stores and everyday security. 

However, online shopping comes with the issue of the website’s legitimacy and if the watches are fake. Physical stores need to be authorized to sell certain brands and offer a warranty for each piece. This is why you should be careful with online stores and check their validity. Some watch brands don’t allow online shopping for their pieces, so if you find them online, something’s wrong.

The Takeaway

Buying your first luxury watch should be an enjoyable experience. It is a symbol of your success and hard work so take your time with your decision. Make sure you buy from an authorized seller who guarantees the authenticity and at least a one-year warranty.

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