Why Interview Transcriptions is Important for Marketing


Interview transcriptions are more than interviews written in text form. Such transcripts are important alongside recorded qualitative interviews. They have so many benefits as you do your research report. They can consume plenty of time and energy that you could spend on something else. Dealing with multiple long interview recordings can be hectic, and no one wants to go through that. In this guide, you’ll understand how beneficial interview transcription services are and why you should get such services.

Top Benefits of Interview Transcription

Numerous companies offer transcribing services, and these companies typically convert audio recordings into written files. These written files are easier to access and retrieve. Apart from this, there are more benefits you’ll enjoy from interview transcription for marketing and these include:

Better Understanding

With properly transcribed interview recordings, your data will be more enriched, and you’ll have more insights into your interviews. As a result, understanding the respondent’s input will be much easier. Transcriptionists utilize various features to make your work easier. As the end product, they present you with better context and attribution. They can review the respondent’s input without losing any vital insights. This is achieved by including every sentence, utterance, and phrase, to provide you with the full context of the interview.

It helps you Discover Patterns and Common Themes

Transcripts give you documentation of the interview and reflect the exact wording of the respondent without leaving anything out. Marketing requires detailed responses, so having a transcript of the interview will help you examine the various responses. In most cases, there are various responses given to the same question. You need to identify patterns and common themes to analyze all that data effectively. A well-transcribed text allows you to search for phrases or keywords. You can then highlight these words or phrases, making your work easier.

Efficient Workflow

With interview audio transcription, you can bypass the time-consuming process of playing and pausing audio recordings repeatedly. One great feature of the transcribed text is that you can use timestamps. Timestamps make it easier for you to identify at what point during the interview specific insights occurred. They allow you to track previous comments, and you can easily backtrack at what time a specific comment was made. Generally, it becomes easier to analyze the entire interview when it’s transcribed and even more with timestamps.

Smooth Research Process

For market research, you must focus more on the important objectives, such as interpreting the research data and establishing an effective strategy for your brand or client. You need to get rid of tiresome tasks such as reviewing hours of recordings because this can slow down your process. There is no need to invest a lot of your time creating your own transcribes. It’ll be much easier to get translation services from an experienced company.

Easier to Access Details

After translation, interview transcripts will be presented to you as .doc, .docx, or .txt files, so you can easily store them in the cloud, share them with people and retrieve them at any time. It makes you collaborate with your team easily since you can all have access simultaneously. For instance, it comes in handy for multi-country marketing research projects because the interviews can be translated into different languages.

Better Quality Control

Trying to find any gaps or errors in a recorded interview can be difficult, so correcting them is almost impossible. You can’t correct all the data you have to go through. To be on the safe side, ensure a reliable company does the translation with experience in transcribing interview recordings. Interview transcripts can make the work easier for you because returning to a certain data point is faster. You can also easily correct any data or information once transcribed. Overall, having a transcribed interview is convenient whenever you want to review some missing components in the data. These transcripts will help you take your marketing research to the next level.


Converting interview recordings into text form is an essential part of the marketing research done by business owners or researchers. The main question is, “who will transcribe the interview for you”? Converting audio into text word-by-word is tedious, and you can barely do it on your own. That’s why you need interview transcription services from an experienced company. You could also get these services if you want to keep a written record of an interview session.

With interview transcription services from GoTranscript, you’ll have your interviews transcribed within minutes. By outsourcing the task to this reputable company, you’ll get the job done and save yourself time. GoTranscript offers accurate transcribes for interviews and other types of audios in all foreign languages. Thanks to the talented transcribers on board, you’ll get your transcribed audios within a short time frame. It’s best you choose such a reputable company because you’re assured to get accurate transcribes and the turnaround time is reliable.

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