Why Everyone Should Take The Train Across Canada?

Rail travel across the vastness of the country is still as thrilling today as it was a century ago. Probably more so in today’s fast-paced society. Long before air travel became prevalent or a network of roads made automobile journeys conceivable, Canadians travelled by train. From the comfortable protection of a carriage car to the leisurely pace of traveling from one point to another, it provides enough time for relaxing and making new acquaintances. In addition, the trans canada train offers the opportunity to enjoy fine food and wine and appreciate the size of this vast land.

Why Everyone Should Take The Train Across Canada

To understand all the reasons to add this trip on your bucket list, keep reading.

You travel through almost every terrain on the planet:

Canada has an astounding diversity of topography and is home to nine of the world’s 12 climatic regions. You will travel on the Canadian past the Great Lakes, over the granite outcrops of the Canadian Shield. You will go through deeply forested areas, over the prairie grasslands, and into the high alpine of the Canadian Rockies, which are topped by a glacial ice cap.

You rediscover historical events and rail travel’s allure:

It’s fair to argue that Canada, the second-largest country in the world, was constructed on railroads. The trans Canadian railway linked the western border with the east. It has been a source of attraction for tourists since Banff National Park was founded in 1877, which is connected to Toronto and Ottawa in the east. Pioneering tourists had to take a sleeper train to get to this newfound wonder to explore it. It is a form of transportation whose functionality today seems poetic when seen through modern eyes.

The onboard experience is wonderful:

The meals! The drinks! There is no need to speed through a meal because we are traveling by train. Breakfast, as well as lunch, as well as lunch, are provided on board, and you may opt for a variety of multiple dinner options. It includes citrus-glazed fish, or braised rack of lamb, which will be served in the food court with a white tablecloth and Canadian wine.

It is almost a safari train:

You frequently see animals from your carriage window on this train, which is essentially a safari train, whether it’s moose in Ontario, antelope on the prairies, or bighorn sheep in the Rockies mountains of Canada. Elk and deer sightings are frequent in the mountains. And if none of Canada’s Big 5 are visible from the train’s several domed viewing spaces, there’s a strong chance you’ll spot our nation’s well-known mammals once you get in Jasper. The trans canada railway service is a combination of different aspects.

It’s a bucket list adventure sandwiched between bucket list adventures:

You can think of it as your life experience. It’s a journey from Toronto to Jasper rail excursion, with a tour of the breath-taking Niagara Falls. Finally, finish it with a boat ride on one of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water, Maligne Lake.


According to a recent study, planning a trip makes people happier and helps to reduce stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 epidemic. Ninety-seven percent of those polled agreed that being excited about a trip makes people happier. The Canadian train vacations are the best examples to reduce stress and anxiety.

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