Why do you need to use animated commercials?

Marketing is one of the key elements of any business, big or small. It serves as a mouthpiece for your business so that people can find you and use your services. The main advantage is that you can customize it the way you want.

Instead of yelling and buzzing about your product or service, you can create the right signal and make sure that only those who want to hear it will hear it. That is, to present information to the target audience, which will be interested in your offer. One of the best ways to create a message that people want to hear is to use animation in your ad.

animated commercials

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Animation is of particular importance. Firstly, it is very strongly associated with childhood and happier times, thus endearing people. Almost all of us watched cartoons in childhood, so seeing a familiar presentation style would be a big plus for the advertised product or company.

Another great thing about animation is that over the past few decades it has managed to evolve and take many different forms, from the surreal and deliberately and primitively crafted 2D animated cartoons on YouTube to the breathtaking 3D cinematic films that almost look like live action movies.

Also, all kinds of animations can be used in other areas of human life, from educational films to advertising and infographics. Animation works everywhere and for everything.

Why use animation in marketing?

There are many different reasons why animation is effective in content marketing. Besides being associated with something enjoyable, animation has some very specific characteristics that make it a great form of entertainment and therefore a great content creation tool.

1. Use video more efficiently

There are many different arguments in favor of using video in advertising. However, one of the most compelling and compelling is one that highlights several important features such as the uniqueness of said content, its continuity and possibilities. Video content is likely to be exclusive to your customers, especially if you plan to target online platforms. For example, Facebook often uses video ads to create unique content.

The Internet is full of unwanted ads, most often simple images or even text, so the video will look like an oasis in the middle of the desert. At the same time, if you approach and develop video advertising correctly, the client will interact with it not for a second, but throughout the entire video. Finally, in video ads, you can show a sequence of actions to tell more about your product or business.

Why use animation in marketing

2. Colors

Unlike our ordinary, dull and boring life, animation uses bright colors that can be combined as desired. Colors can be soft, gradient or blended, and they can also be intentionally matte to create an advertisement and appeal to a specific audience.

Various studies and reports have repeatedly found that colors greatly influence the impact of advertising. Therefore, depending on the context, you can use them in animation. For example, colors probably drive about 85% of consumer decisions when it comes to product advertising and marketing. In addition, almost 90% of impulsive purchases affect colors. Although modern technology also allows you to apply a color filter to your video.

3. Make complex things simple

Taking advantage of this feature, it can be safely classified as “advertising art”. Teachers don’t just use animation to create great video lessons. Animation allows you to show absolutely everything, whether it’s a theoretical concept or a model of an experiment that cannot be recreated at home. This feature is invaluable for advertising if you want to clearly define your business, mission, vision, or overall product.

Companies often work harder than they seem. Alternatively, some products may have value that is difficult to demonstrate to real actors and conditions. However, animation covers these and many other similar topics.

That is why it is very important to use animated videos for your video that will help you with promotion. When adding such videos to your web resources, do not forget about video marketing trends that will help make your animation unique.

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