Which Specs Matter the Most When Looking at Gaming PCs?

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Gaming is very different from editing text documents, browsing the web, or editing images for a computer. This is why you can’t look for the same things in a BPC pre-built gaming PC as you would in a work or general entertainment PC. If you don’t meet certain specs, games will either look awful, or you might not even be able to run them. If this is your first time shopping for a gaming machine, here are the specs you should concentrate on the most:

The Graphic Card Unit

The GPU, or graphic card unit, is the very first thing you should look for when buying a gaming PC. The CPU is also important (we’ll get to that later), but if you’re looking at gaming machines, there’s a strong chance that the CPU will be powerful enough to run most games and it’s the GPU that will influence things like the number of frames per second, colors, and overall gaming performance.

You have to know the difference between entry-level, mid-tier, and top-tier graphic cards before you start shopping. You shouldn’t worry too much about high-end cards, however, since very few games will require you to have one.

NVIDIA 16 series cards are the most popular level entry cards. They can still handle business, but you’ll need to get a 30 series card if you want to handle most games comfortably. AMD is another popular graphics card manufacturer, and you’ll see their cards on many machines. AMD doesn’t make entry-level cards, but if you see a machine with an RX 6000 series card in it, know that it will handle pretty much anything you throw its way.


The CPU in the machine you get will still make a difference, but it’s nowhere near as important as the GPU. A 2.7ghz Lenovo gaming CPU should be strong enough to handle most games and you don’t need anything much higher than that. The only exception is if you like playing games that put more stress on the CPU, like the Witcher or other games that have lots of NPC characters since they rely on AI. The CPU should also be more of a concern if you’re looking for a gaming PC that can double as a work machine.

The RAM and Storage

RAM and storage should be the next two things on your list. Get a machine with at least 16Gb of RAM and look for an SSD that uses NVMe/PCIe or Optane technology as they’re considered much faster.


These are the top and pretty much only specs you truly should care about when picking up a gaming PC. If you want the best machine for your needs, we suggest that you start reading about all of the components in detail, so you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.

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