WhatsApp AI

People are fascinated with the latest advancements in AI. WhatsApp, the messaging app, is now coming with an exciting AI tool.

The Meta-owned company is now exploring a new enhanced process based on a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

You can edit images using an AI-powered tool. The beta version of WhatsApp doesn’t have the feature yet; it is still in the early development stage. WhatsApp beta testers will get the AI tool in the next few weeks. 

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What is an Ai powered image? 

WhatsApp users will notice a new green icon. 

You can alter, restyle, or even expand the background using the AI edit option.

Android update

WeBetaInfo’s information suggests that the AI-powered tool has been seen in the Android beta version, which suggests that a future update may make the feature available to all users. 

WhatsApp is currently working on a cutting-edge feature that will enable users to use an AI-powered editing tool to improve their photos. This AI-powered image editing tool would be accessible on WhatsApp’s image editing screen.

How to use ai powered image?

When the icon is tapped, the feature will allow three modes for users: Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand. 

Backdrop: You can change the background of an image.

Restyle: It will allow adding visual effects.

Expand: It will help expand the image size. 

The functionality of these modes—whether they will be prompt-based or contain built-in options—has not been confirmed.

According to reports, WhatsApp previously developed an AI technology that would allow users to generate graphics and stickers by simply texting a command. Yet, the function has never been released to the general public.  

WhatsApp is currently releasing an upgrade for iOS users. Users to move back and forward and even record videos. It is the latest upgrade. WABetaInfo posts the changelog on its webpage.

Wahtsapp AI Power Image

When it is available for users

The initial release of the AI-powered tool is expected for the Android platform, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s update tracking service provider. 

It is initially available only for the Beta Version users.

Wrap up

The new image editor uses an AI model to provide these concealed features. But WhatsApp has previously experimented with AI technologies.

 Along with photo editing tool the users can even search for the queries in the search bar and get the results with AI. 

There’s also an exciting update for voice messages: even without opening them, they can read them like text.