What’s Fueling the Rise of Telehealth Patient Care?

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One of the biggest complaints patients have when it comes to healthcare is that it’s expensive. The second complaint is all the waiting. If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s office for an appointment, you may be scheduled at 3:30, and even get there early but sometimes you are left waiting an hour or more before you can get care. These issues and more are all part of the reasons that people are seeking alternative care options. 

For some, concierge medicine is a good solution, while others have started reaping the benefits of telehealth patient care. Telehealth offers many benefits and with the invention of e-signing documents, this technology can help people even more. If your office does not offer telehealth appointments, here are some reasons you should start now. Here are the main factors fueling the rise of telehealthcare. 

Concerns Over Sickness

Patients, especially those with compromised immune systems, don’t want to wait in doctor’s offices where there are other sick people all with their blend of germs. They are concerned about not only getting something on top of what they are already experiencing, but in some cases, they don’t want to share their germs either. This means that in many instances, telehealth patient care is a good fit. You can help these patients stay healthier by giving them the option of telehealth. 

Busy Schedules

Schedules are so busy nowadays that many people put off going to the doctor when they need it the most. They avoid it until they can no longer ignore whatever is going on. Telehealth gives them the option to meet with a healthcare provider before their sickness gets worse. The responsibilities of HCPs in these environments are to provide the best care possible, and if needed recommend testing, in-person visits, and more. Getting the initial appointment done via telehealth can save busy people a lot of time and start to expedite the process of healing when they need it the most.

Lack of Good Options Nearby

Some people live in areas without a lot of healthcare providers. When they need to drive one or more hours just to get seen, this creates a huge barrier to effective medical care. Patients are more likely to come to seek your services when you also provide telehealth care. You can always prescribe lab tests or direct patients to a nearby ER if they are sick enough. 

Rising Costs of Delivering Healthcare

Getting healthcare is often expensive. From doctor’s appointments to medications and diagnostic services, each of these comes at a cost. But being able to deliver great care via telehealth appointments lowers the cost of delivering healthcare to patients. You can alleviate part of the strain that causes many people to avoid getting care when they need it most. Telehealth can also help in areas where there are mobility issues and people struggle to get to appointments regularly. Doctors like you can send patients home with diagnostic devices to monitor everything from oxygen levels to blood pressure so you can treat them appropriately. 

Better Communication Opportunities

Some patients struggle to clearly communicate their symptoms. Communication is a huge issue that sometimes leaves doctors making assumptions instead of digging deeper to get answers. Implementing telehealth appointments can allow family members the opportunity to attend appointments as well. They can sometimes communicate things that the patient cannot or does not realize. For instance, if a patient is experiencing greater levels of confusion and memory loss, a family member who sees them often would be better able to communicate this to a medical professional. A telehealth appointment adds a convenience factor for the family member as well.

It’s evident that telehealth and alternative healthcare including home visits will be the way of the future. The ways that healthcare is delivered continue to evolve. As people make changes to their health and seek out more affordable options, they will find that having initial appointments, taking care of simple sicknesses, and even having follow-ups can easily be done via telehealth software. People no longer need to drive across town or hours away just to hear the results of tests when they can have a video appointment with your office instead.

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