What To Include and Avoid in a Dog’s Kidney Diet

The kidneys are a bodies way of getting waste that builds up. When a dog develops chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), that waste builds up in the bloodstream and causes the K9 to become very sick. There isn’t a cure for CKD, however, with the right diet, you can help manage your pups symptoms and extend their life.

Here are three of the best and worst things to have in your dog’s diet if they have CKD.

3 Good Nutrients

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Inflammation is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease and also speeds up the progression of the disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are one way to reduce the inflammation and slow the progression of the disease. This can also help relieve pain and other symptoms your dog may be experiencing.

2. High-Quality Protein

Though protein has been linked to kidney problems, it is still important to keep protein in you companion’s diet to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. Rather than reducing the protein amount your dog is consuming, increase the quality of protein they are eating in their kidney food.

3. Carbs

Dogs that have CKD can lose weight quickly,it’s important to keep carbohydrates in a dog’s kidney diet. While they don’t provide very much masculatrure as protein does, they can help keep you dog’s weight retained and steady. Use natural and healthy sources of carbs like fruits and vegetables.

3 Bad Nutrients

1. Phosphorus

Limiting phosphorus is the basis to slowing the progression of CKD and any kidney diet. The job of the kidney’s is to get rid of any excess phosphorus, but when they begin to malfunction, they struggle to do that. Building up of phosphorus can lead to a vitamin D deficiency and calcium deposits on the kidneys.

2.  Sodium

A little bit of sodium is alright for dogs that have kidney problems, but leaving high levels in kidney dog food can end up being deadly. Reduce the sodium amount that your dog consumes and it will lessen the strain that the kidneys endure.

3. Potassium

Potassium is also something that gets eliminated through the kidneys. When less needs to be processed, the kidneys do less work. If too much potassium builds up it can affect the heart.

You Can Do This

This may feel overwhelming and difficult to do at first, but it’s possible to create a kidney diet and food that helps your pup. Whether you make the meals yourself or buy something from a company that specializes in kidney dog food, do what you need to today to keep your furry friend around.

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