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What is YouTube SEO and the basics you need to know about it?

Did you know, YouTube, a video platform, is the second most used search engine after Google? It is currently having billions of users, which is making it one of the most important platforms to understand the position of your SEO.

Now-a-days, you cannot tag YouTube as the only video streaming platform for casual entertainment; rather, it has become a complete search engine on its own. With the rapid growth of YouTube as a substitute for search engines, you must be focusing on it for SEO which can help you to rank better.

What is YouTube SEO?

Before we understand anything else about YouTube SEO, we must first understand what it is. The YouTube SEO is slightly different from the regular SEO, in which the video creators are required to understand the algorithm to appear in the higher rank of the search results.

The YouTube SEO is solely based on the ranking decisions of the platform. The basics of YouTube SEO are dependent on the channel’s growth dynamics, which is known as the number of subscribers and the views a particular topic or a video gets.

The YouTube SEO is also dependent on the various engagements of the users which they perform with the likes, dislikes, comments, etc. The SEO for YouTube also sometimes focuses on the various video features like the length of the video, descriptions, metadata, etc. Hence the YouTube SEO is highly different in various areas from the SEO that the search engines use. If you want to target a better ranking with the YouTube SEO, then you can avail of the services from the best Utah SEO company .

How to excel with your YouTube SEO effectively?

As we said earlier, the YouTube SEO is different from the normal SEO that we deal with search engines like Google. Thus to excel with the YouTube SEO, it is important to build up a solid strategy that perfectly aligns with this particular purpose. Here is how you can effectively work with the YouTube SEO by following the below-mentioned tips, which are considered as the SEO essential for YouTube. Have a look:

Opt for the keyword research

The keyword research of the YouTube SEOs needs to be unique and strategic, which can help you in better ways. The first thing you need to do is, take note of all the keyword ideas that can go better with your video. You can use the suggestions from YouTube to get better keyword ideas. Also, it is highly important that you are focusing on the keywords of your competitors and making use of them in your videos to help them to rank higher.

Optimizing the title and the descriptions

To get better views on your videos and to entice people to click more on your YouTube video, you must be focusing on optimizing the title and the description of it. The length of the title plays a very efficient and important role here. The character limit for the title is 100. The best practice you can follow is, writing a title within 70 characters. At the start of your title, you must place the keyword to make it stand in the SEO. It is also a beneficial trick to make use of the numbers in the title.

When it comes to the description writing for your video, you must be writing a very impressive description. Writing one or two lines of description may not be much suitable here. Write a good description where you must include the links to your website. It is important to make use of the hashtags in your video description.

Use catchy thumbnails

YouTube is a very tricky platform where the competition is always high. This is why you must be using a very striking thumbnail that can make people interested in clicking on your video.

The thumbnail must be very eye catchy and must stand out significantly from your competitors. Rather than using the clickbait thumbnails, it is important to use the interesting one which is relevant to your videos.


When it comes to standing out as a significant individual on YouTube, you must be making proper use of SEO. Hence knowing about the YouTube SEO and knowing the basics of it is very important.

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