What are the Hold and Spin Slots?

Players are starting to notice the increasing prevalence of the hold and spin as well as megawayslots slot game. This variation is becoming more and more popular due to a variety of factors.

How it works

Hold and spin slots are essentially slot games which use the unique hold and spin feature. Although many slot games come with fun bonuses and prizes, not many use gameplay features. Hold and spin is a slot game feature which gives the player a chance to win bigger prizes, this is because it allows them to hold a reel and respin the others, essentially meaning that they have a second chance to grab a win. This feature can be particularly advantageous if the player is close to getting a prize on the reels, they can simply respin a few reels to get a better outcome. Players need to make sure that they have enough money to use this feature however, as it can get pretty pricey.


The hold and spin slot feature may not be for everyone but don’t be mistaken, it has many benefits for the players who are willing to use it. The following are some of the biggest advantages that come with using a hold and spin slot game.

  • Second chance – Perhaps the most obvious advantage that comes from this slot game is that it offers players a second chance to spin the reels. This is something that is particularly useful if you have spun the reels and are incredibly close to getting a winning combination. The chance to trigger a more generous winning combination can be worth the cost of the feature.
  • Unique gameplay feature – One thing that makes this a great feature to use is the uniqueness of it. The hold and spin feature is not something that every slot game has, making it very special for the players who use this feature. As slot games can all come across very similar if you have been playing for years, a unique feature such as this can be the perfect respite.

Best slots

Although the hold and spin slot game is not everywhere, it is popular enough that players are starting to encounter this variation more and more. The following slots are among the very best to incorporate the hold and spin feature.

  1. Ultra hold and spin – This slot was developed by Pragmatic Play and it pays homage to classic slots in its design. It is well designed enough that it will appeal to both newer players and older players who remember classic slot designs.
  2. Hot to Burn Hold and Spin – This slot was also developed by Pragmatic Play and it features a classic fruity design for players to enjoy. One big difference with this game is the amount of volatility that it has, players should be aware of this before they spin the reels!
Final Thoughts

Hold and spin slots are unique slot variation, they are perfect for players who want to try something a little different. They may even result in a bigger win if you use them right!

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