Ways To Treat Yourself

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just need a break from the stresses of daily life, sometimes you need to treat yourself. These treats might be small or large, but they should give you something to look forward to and something to thoroughly enjoy. Read on for some ways to treat yourself.

A Vacation

One of the most exciting treats to plan and enjoy may be a vacation. You might take a weekend and visit a new city or take a week and go on one of the fantastic European cruises. Part of the treat here is the anticipation. You’ll have the enjoyment of setting your itinerary, choosing travel options, booking hotel rooms and researching restaurants and attractions. Then you’ll have the vacation itself with all its newness and fun. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, and consider keeping a travel journal to preserve all your memories.

An Afternoon Out

If a vacation doesn’t quite fit your budget, you can still treat yourself. Schedule an afternoon out, and then get out of the office or the house, and enjoy the day. You might go shopping, visit a museum you’ve always wanted to see or attend a sporting event for your favorite team. Don’t think about work or chores or problems. Focus on having fun. If you think you’ll be tempted to cut your afternoon short, bring a friend with you.

An Evening Out

Maybe you’d prefer an evening out. This can be another delightful treat. Go to a play or concert, and have a nice dinner before or after. You could also attend a community celebration or even go for a drive with a loved one, get an ice cream cone and stargaze for a while.

An Evening In

Alternately, you might plan an evening in. Gather your family or one special person, and have a supper of all your favorites. Then curl up to enjoy a movie or game or both. Pick up a selection of snacks, and prepare to spend a quiet evening without work or stress.

Quiet Time for Yourself

Sometimes the best treat can actually be a little quiet time for yourself. Let everyone know that you need to have a retreat for a day or part of a day, and then find a place where you can be alone for a while. Snuggle up with a good book, a cup of coffee and some chocolate, or even take a nap. You might also indulge in an hour or two of your best video game or television series. Turn off your cell phone (or at least mute it) to avoid interruptions, and don’t check your email. Just back away from the usual routine so that you can refresh.

A Favorite Hobby

You might also decide to treat yourself to a favorite hobby for a day or afternoon. Perhaps you rarely take the time to do this anymore. In that case, it might feel like a real indulgence. If you’re a crafter, pick up a project you’ve always meant to finish, and get back into it. Maybe you love to garden but can’t commit to a large one. Then start an herb garden or a few plants inside or on your deck. You might be a collector but haven’t spent much time lately researching or hunting for a new addition to your collection. Take the time now. You could even renew your acquaintance with the current items in your collection, especially if you haven’t looked at them for a while.

Something Totally New

Finally, your special treat might be doing something totally new. You may have always wanted to try that new restaurant that opened up a while back. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a new book or piece of artwork. If it doesn’t stretch your budget too much, then go ahead and buy it.

Treating yourself now and then is an important aspect of your self-care. So make some plans, large or small, and indulge a bit. You won’t regret it!

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