Ways to choose the suitable hot crack fill machine

What are crack and crack filling machines? 

Cracks are distress on the road or asphalt pavement. Distress like rutting, depression, swelling is common on asphalt; due to harsh weather like heavy rain or hot summer or pressure and forces created by heavy vehicles. These cracks are also there because of weaker base or subgrade layers or any problem with the asphalt mix.

Sealing these cracks is essential to maintain the longevity of asphalt pavements. Crack filling machines are the most efficient solution regarding this matter. People use crack filling machines as equipment to fill those cracks. Those machines fill the cracks with clay-filled and modified polymer asphalt. Hot crack fill machines are beneficial to seal distresses on roads or parking places.

Features of hot crack filling machine: 

Hot asphalt crack filler are efficient crack seal equipment. To seal any more wide and deep cracks on asphalt, let’s have a look at the features of these machines:

  • Commonly people use rubber cubes crack fillers in this type of machine.
  • A Melter melts hot pour fillers, and this liquid filler fills the crack quickly.
  • Do this process with hands. You can pour the liquid into any pot and apply it.
  • Suppose you want to do it without hassle, just by a Melter applicator. It will melt the rubber, pour it into the cracks, and press the filler to set perfectly.
  • Hot crack filling machines use rubber-based filler with good quality adhesive materials that adhere firmly to the sidewall of damage and seal quickly.
  • These machines are not so expensive and available in hardware shops.

Significance and advantages of hot crack filler: 

Hot crack fill machine has a significant role in the roadway management industry. There can be several types of cracks. It may be horizontal, diagonal, light, or deep crack but sealing those distress is the most critical factor. If the cracks are not sealed properly in the very first place, then they will grow gradually and cause severe damage to the asphalt pavement. For example, rainwater can enter through slight cracks and swell the base layer. Then the base layer will lose its strength, and several pits and fractures form.

These hot fillers gain acceptance because of their unique advantages. These are:

  • This machine has Melter, pouring pot, and filler to manage the process correctly.
  • Without liquid gas or fuel, one cannot start these machines.
  • It will help to press the crack after filling and set it perfectly.
  • The temperature control system operates the heating temperature.

Ways to choose the suitable hot crack fill machine: 

The sealing of any cracks depends upon the performance of the hot crack fill machine. If you select the perfect product for this purpose, it will justify the work. Here are some suggestions that will help you to choose the right one:

  • Choose a machine that has mobility power. That means you can move it into another place when needed. The size should not be huge. The moderate size will be correct.
  • Two types of crack pours are available in the market like cold pour and hot pour fillers. If you choose the hot pour filler machines, they will serve better and are the right ones.
  • Hot filler machines used melted rubber instead of clay and cement mixture and helped to seal any crack perfectly.
  • Automatic hot fillers will be the right choice because they will decrease your workload.
  • You will just set the instruction, and it will do the work in its way.
  • It would help if you chose a powerful hot filler that has strong Melter. Like Hotbox-10 Melter-applicator, it holds almost 10gallons of hot rubber sealant. It fills severe cracks for highway roads, Airports, parking lot.
  • A suitable machine should have a temperature control system. For example, 350 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately needed to melt a rubber cube, but more than that can burn it. A good machine can optimize the heating process. It would help if you placed a digital display in front of the machine to measure the temperature for its users.
  • Your perfect machine needs a glycerine-filled gauge that will disconnect power if temperature crosses the limit to control the heating process. That will prevent the burning of the sealant.
  • You have to choose a suitable machine based on the work time. If the machine does faster, it will surely help you seal cracks.
  • You should check the warranty period of the machine. Long time warranty period will cover the maintenance cost.
  • Choose a good brand over any cheap and low-quality product. A good brand always serves heavy duty and lasts for a long time with low maintenance.
  • It should contain a narrow shoe. You can pour the proper amount of melted filler into the cracks with these features so that there is no chance to use excess rubberized filler.
  • You should prefer the rubberized one among other fillers available in the market.
  • Extra tools like tiger torch and crack squeegee will enhance the work power of your machine. So always choose a machine that has additional tools.
  • You need to read all the written guidance provided with your machine. If you know how to use that machine properly, any crack can not trouble you and your asphalt.

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