Visiting a New City? Take These 5 Things

Are you getting ready to pack up and head to a city you’ve never visited before? It’s an exciting prospect and is one of the great benefits of owning a vehicle. Road trips can be fun, educational, and relaxing if you prepare for them properly. What constitutes good preparation? There are obviously dozens of things that could go on the list, but the following five are an excellent beginning. Of course, you might not need every one of them, based on how you intend to spend your time while on vacation. But in most instances, you can do yourself a favor by putting most of them on your “bring these items on the trip” list.

A High-Quality Digital Camera

Unless you have the best smartphone on the market, pack a good digital camera for your road trip. Don’t rely on your phone camera. It just won’t make the grade for high-definition shots you’re likely to want. The good news is that modern digital cameras, even high-definition versions, are not pricey and are sold just about everywhere.

An E-Bike

E-bikes are the perfect thing to bring along when you plan to explore a new city. Some fit in the back seat of a standard car. Or, simply use a bike rack and transport them as you would a standard bicycle. The beauty of e-bikes is that you can charge them up from a standard hotel room outlet and then spend the day cruising all over, checking out tourist sights, shopping, and much more. Consider purchasing an e-bike before your trip so you can get used to operating it. When you shop, consider the Sr Suntour XCT suspension fork for whatever bike you get. Once you get your e-bike just the way you want it, and charge its battery, you’ll be ready to take it along on your excursion and truly enjoy the time away from home.

Computer Peripherals

Don’t be one of those who arrives in their hotel room only to forget the tablet (or smartphone, or back-up phone, or cables, or connectors, or charging devices). The point is to bring all the computer and tech peripherals you might need. Make a checklist and double-check all the items before departure. Nothing can spoil a trip faster than a missing device or connecting wire.

A Personal TopTen List

Do research on your target city before leaving. That way, you won’t waste valuable vacation time looking up things to do in online, when you could be out doing them. Create a personal top ten or top five list of places you want to visit, things you want to see, restaurants to try out, and more. One hour of list making can make your weekend or week much more enjoyable.

Security Pouch for Valuables

If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you likely know about security pouches. They’re like wearable wallets or small purses that loop over your neck and stay close to your body, under clothing. They deter pickpockets and keep all your important documents, money, and credit cards safe from prying eyes and hands.

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