Most reliable and trusted child tracker app

Famisafe location control and tracker app help you to get around every feature of this application particularly. This is a complete parental occasion control tool that helps your parents to manage the safety of yours and the way that their child uses the cell phones or other devices full store since you cannot hold responsible the smartphone for all the activities that happened with your kid, you can get the knowledge of hay the location of your kid by using this app.

tracker app

Steps to sign up in the application

  • The first thing you need to do is to Set your profile by choosing the parent option either be the mother or father figure on the smartphone which is to be used by the parent and then installing the Famisafe parental control app on the device of your kid and choosing the child profile.
  • Once you have done these activities now you have created the account and you can link both of them in just a couple of steps which are written below.
  • The main window of your kid’s on-screen show is the battery percentage and battery life left and the location which was Lastly updated. The same window also shows you the excess about the time that each app was installed in your smartphone and the time of the location history set during the last 30 days.


 Installation and availability of the location tracker app

  • You also have access to the number of tools designed for you by the location tracker app on the other hand. You can get quick equip on the device of your kid.
  • The location control and tracker app provide you a perfect way to manage your kid’s smartphones and increase the safety of them also. You can receive a notification or a warning message when your children get into a car and even get notifications when your kid is moving at a certain speed which should not be there.

location tracker app

  • You are at the correct location if you want your kids to be safer. What you have to do it’s just simple steps of installing and downloading the best parenting app and location tracker app. You can get it on the Google play store or Apple App store which is exclusively made for mobile platforms. This application can even be installed on the laptop and personal computers if any platform like smartphones is not available. The location tracker app has been in the top list of the parenting category apps on the Google play store and has been rated over 2.9-star average user. Over 500000 + Users have installed the app and have given these rating points.

More features of famisafe location tracker app

You can get to know about the phone battery situation of your kid’s device by using the famisafe GPS tracker. Since you can get a notification when the battery of your device is under 20% then you will receive the low battery situation alert on the parent device.

The kids can even share the location them using the invite button, which is on the screen of the application, and if the parents agree the position of the kid can be displayed for the parents and can we have appeared on the map.

The popularity of the app

popularity of the app

Due to the best features provided by the location tracker app, it has been renowned as the most reliable and most trusted location tracker by parents. It has even got normal popularity because of its simple but effective interface and user-friendly applications and tools. This is the best screen time parental control app with the features like Live location, location history timeline, real-time location, geofences.

Most reliable and trusted location tracking app

Since kids are growing up now in the digital age then we have to cultivate good and healthy habits about using the digital platforms by them. Location tracking app helps as in cultivating healthy habits in them and make it easier for the parents to use it. Your kids can secretly leave school or escape classes without getting permitted by you and even can go to some dangerous places that are not safe for them as a kid. This app helps the parents to track the live location of their child and get the exact location and path followed by your kid in reaching the location they are now at.

The new feature of the driving report

driving report

There has been a new feature added into the location tracking app that is of driving report. This location Tracker application helps you to record the driving speed and driving time of your kid and his or her vehicle. You can even get the hard braking times when your kid has applied the harsh brakes. this also helps them to grow good driving habits.

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