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University of Phoenix is committed to providing flexible learning options that accommodate the needs of adult and nontraditional learners. This includes the ability for students to easily transfer credits between institutions to save both time and money.

During the week of October 18, University of Phoenix celebrated National Student Transfer Week, paying homage to its commitment to make the process of transfer between educational institutions easier. University of Phoenix Provost John Woods, Ph.D., said: “University of Phoenix believes strongly that transfer is a valuable path to degree completion. We have a continued focus on helping students to get the most out of their transfer credits, to help them save as much time and money as possible, and to quickly leverage their degrees and enhance their career path.”

Student transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions, called upward transfers, are on the rise 2.6 percent over last year based on preliminary findings from the National Students Clearinghouse (NSC) Research Center. There are more students in the pipeline from community colleges and associate degree programs working toward traditional baccalaureate degrees and to careers beyond. “It’s opening up opportunities for community college students that they might not have had before,” said Douglas Shapiro, executive director of the NSC Research Center in a related release.

University of Phoenix has taken concrete steps to make that transfer process easier for prospective students.

How University of Phoenix Makes Transferring Easier

University of Phoenix is aware that one of the major hurdles to transferring between institutions is having to navigate the paperwork including securing transcripts and understanding eligibility for credit transfers. The University has simplified this process for applicants with dedicated staff who offer academic advising and request transcripts on behalf of students from prior institutions. In addition, trained evaluators at University of Phoenix review prior credit for students to ensure that they receive the maximum in credit transfers to move them further along their chosen degree path.

The University also recognizes the value of life and work experience. Through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits, University of Phoenix students can earn nontraditional credits for skills developed through professional roles such as IT certificates, military service, police academy training and real estate licenses. There are also options for students to receive PLA credits for life experiences, submitted via journal-style essays, for skills such as stress management, parenting and communicating in a virtual workplace. These additional credits can help students save on tuition and graduate faster. In fact, 65 percent of undergraduates at University of Phoenix are eligible for PLA credits.

Maximum Credit Transfers and Savings With University of Phoenix

By maximizing credit transfers, University of Phoenix can make it easier for students to accelerate their degree programs and embark on their chosen career path all while saving on college costs. With the University’s generous credit transfer options, students can cover up to 75 percent of the credits needed to complete many of the bachelor degree programs.

In order to qualify for credit transfers, the credits must come from an accredited institution, and students must have earned a grade of at least C-. In addition, the transfer must be approved by the University’s Central Office of Admissions. A maximum of 30 credits can also be transferred from approved national testing programs such as Advanced Placement exams.

Transfer Students Can Realize Significant Savings at University of Phoenix

The combination of credits transferred from other institutions, applicable tests and life and work experiences can add up to major savings for University of Phoenix transfer students. The University’s students save an average of $11,000 on their undergraduate degrees and attend for a year less than they would without transfer credits.

In addition, new students pursuing a bachelor’s degree program at University of Phoenix with at least 13-60 combined transfer credits are eligible for a $3,000 Transfer Student Scholarship. To qualify, students must be continuously enrolled and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.

The Transfer Student Scholarship is just one of many scholarship opportunities for new students attending University of Phoenix. The University’s $1M monthly scholarship commitment ensures that all working adults interested in pursuing their higher education and career goals at University of Phoenix are eligible for scholarship funds to help make those dreams a reality.

National Transfer Student Week provided an opportunity for University of Phoenix to celebrate the many hard-working students who are taking less traditional routes to obtaining a college degree. “We celebrate our transfer students and the faculty and staff who help them maximize their credit earning potential and make them feel welcome,” Woods said.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to supporting adult and nontraditional learners by providing maximum support for transfer students to reach their educational and career goals affordably. The University provides options that many working adults can benefit from including numerous scholarship opportunities, flexible schedules, online learning, career-guided degree programs and Career Services for Life® commitment. All of these programs can help students more effectively pursue career and personal aspirations while balancing their busy lives. For more information, visit www.phoenix.edu.

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