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Top Web App Development Tools

With time the world is changing and the web world is also changing with new web development tools. The competition is so much that you will find hundreds and thousands of new websites every day. You will find nearly 200 million active websites. Having a web development company and staying at the top of the competition you need to be innovative in ideas and follow the trends plus you must utilize the best web development tools and techniques. Here we will tell you about the top web design and development tools that will help you a lot. 

Web Development Tools

A Web Development Tool is something that helps the developers to work with technologies. It helps you design your creativity very well. Amazing web design will improve the browsing experience and much more. 

The Dos and Don’ts

When you are developing a web application you must keep in mind that the technology should be as per your project and not on the bases of some previous experience. The technology used in the last projects doesn’t need to work with your new project. The cost of the development is dependent on the website technology stack.

You must know everything about the tools first, like the pros and cons. The right set of tools is the best to give you the result of a productive project. The most important thing is that you must get a very good ROI out of it.

Here are some factors that you must consider when you are about to select a tool for Web Development.

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Use should be easy
  •  Scalability
  • Portability 
  • Customization

7 Top Web Development Tools List

Here we have brought for you the top 7 tools for web development before we tell you about them briefly and the advantages you can get from them have a quick look at the names. 

  1. Chrome DevTools
  2. Grunt
  3. Angular.JS
  4. GitHub
  5. CodePen
  6. NoviBuilder
  7. NPM

 Web Development Tools 2020

These 7 tools are the most popular web development tools worldwide. We have mentioned everything about them below to help you know the tools better. 

1. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is the best set of web development tools for beginners that is built-in Google chrome itself. You can easily change the DOM and the Page style with the help of the functions in Chrome DevTool. Apart from this viewing the messages, javascript can be run and debugged, the pages can be edited, and the problems can be analyzed and solved quickly.


  • The CSS rules can be customized
  • Margin, Border and padding is visible in chrome
  • It can emulate the mobiles
  • The tool can be used as an editor

Price and Plans

  • Free

2. Grunt

Grunt is the most popular for running JavaScript Task and it is flexible.  Minification, Unit testing, compilation work can be done with this tool. Many plugins are bundled in Grunt.


  • You get variety of plugins
  • It is easy to install and access
  • You can automate the repetitive tasks
  • You can create your plugin to Npm

Price and Plans

  • Free

3. Angular.JS

Angular.JS is a tool a open-source web development tool. It helps you to extend the HTML composition. You can get a atmosphere that is expressive and readable with Angular.JS. you get a toolset for your framework. You can freely replace and even modify the features as per your requirement.


  • Angular.JS is a free and open-source tool
  • You can create RICH Internet Application
  • It has built-in Testability
  • The important features for creating components are enabled by Angular.JS

Price and Plans

  • Free

4. GitHub

If your requirement is of a software development platform then GitHub will be a good choice. It not only helps you to manage your project you can review the code, and build software.


  • The project management feature is the best
  • You get the perfect tools for your work
  • The quality of coding is great
  • You get excellent security features

Price and Plans

  • Free
  • Pro (per month $7 & Team for $9 )

5. CodePen

CodePen is for the you if you are looking for front-end development tools. It allows you to design and share the front end development. You can build a complete project with this single tool. 


  • The editor can be customized
  • The pens can be kept private
  • You can drag and drop CNN, JSON and media files
  • several people can write or edit code at one time

6. Novi Builder

It’s a drag and drop builder that allows you to make many changes in design at a time. You can control your complete online project with this tool. The beginners may find using the tool a bit difficult but it is great for the experienced ones.


  • You get additional app integration
  • You get drag-and-drop interface
  • It supports eCommerce

Price and Plans

  • $29 per year

7. NPM

NPM allows you to manage the complete JavaScript and also has feature of team management. You also get the security features in NPM web development tool.


  • You get more then 470,000 free code packages
  • You can manage public plus private code.
  • You can control namespace access

Price and Plans

  • Free
  • $7 per month

8. Saas

Saas is a robust CSS language which is one of the most reliable and mature one. You can extend the functions of the present CSS by variables and nesting. 


  • It is a easy to use tool
  • You get functions like manipulating of colors, etc.
  • You get a well-formatted output

Price and Plans

  • Free


Which tool is best for web development?

These are the best web development tools

  • Chrome DevTools
  • Grunt
  • Angular.JS
  • GitHub
  • CodePen
  • NoviBuilder
  • NPM
  • Saas

What are webtools?

Webtools help you to add your content to the website. 


We have presented above the top web development tools. Chrome DevTools, Grunt, Angular.JS, and Saas are completely free whereas GitHub, CodePen, NoviBuilder, and NPM offers free plus premium plans. You should select the web development tool as per your projects requirement.

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