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Digital Marketing

Do you sometimes find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to digital marketing suggestions? That’s understandable, because just about everyone you bump into these days seems to have two or three promotional words of wisdom to pass along. The truth is you should let most of them do just that, pass along without notice.

Perhaps no other area of modern sales and advertising is more riddled with misinformation, myths, half-truths, and outright lies than the world of digital marketing. Chances are, you’ve heard scores of suspicious ideas that are touted as being the next big thing, or having the ability to turn a sales slump into a money-making bonanza. What are a few of the biggest offenders among the hundreds of falsehoods making the rounds in 2021? Here are some you’re bound to catch wind of if you spend enough time around e-commerce enthusiasts.

Content is Dead

For some reason, this myth resurrects every few years. Part of the falsehood is connected with a misguided idea that AI (artificial intelligence) has the power to create content good enough to rank on major search engines. Maybe that day will come, and maybe it won’t. But it won’t be happening anytime soon. So, it’s best to ignore the claims about robot-generated content as well as the related myth that the engines don’t care about content. In fact, the written words on a blog, website, or other commercial pages are the single most relevant component of getting a high rank in results pages. For now, the best we have is a keyword rank checker tool to check website rankings.

SEO is Dying

Closely connected to many other incorrect assumptions, the perennial SEO is dead rumor makes the rounds every so often. Not only is searchengine optimization alive and well, it’s one of the core components of digital marketing that calls for regular attention. In other words, you can’t do SEO once and say you’re done with that job for a few years. It’s imperative to regularly monitor your efforts in this area, and to spend the necessary money to hire professional help. If you aren’t sure how much to spend on your marketing budget, check out an informative online guide about SEO pricing so you can find out exactly how much your campaign should cost.

Buying a Bunch of Backlinks is a Good Idea

There are far too many con artists out there who are happy to sell you thousands of backlinks for a small sum of money. Don’t do it. Those transactions only earn a profit for the sellers and you end up with tons of links, but from sites that are worthless in terms of searchengine ranking.

Higher Keyword Density is Always Good

Strangely, there are probably more myths about key words than any other single aspect of online marketing. One of the most stubborn inaccuracies is the more keywords we use in our content, the better. Sadly, opting for that strategy can spell doom for companies of any size. Modern search engines use advanced algorithms that can spot key word stuffing a mile away. To avoid being identified as a culprit, try instead to use your chosen key words naturally and in moderation.

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