Top 10 Exciting Must-do things in Punjab

The land of five spectacular rivers, Punjab is exceptional to explore. However, there are several must-do things in Punjab that many visitors often forgo either because they don’t know about them or simply do not have the time to do so. To truly experience the magic of this remarkable region, you have to explore these must-do things in Punjab. For instance, you could take a tractor ride to see the fields in Punjab instead of going around in a car. Also, you could eat authentic Punjabi food at a roadside dhaba instead of dining in a topnotch restaurant.

There is so much more to Punjab than meets the eye. Check out some of the top must-do things in Punjab we’ve listed below. Experience as many of them as you can and have the best trip yet!

Best Things to do in Punjab:

Some of the top must-do things in Punjab are listed here and you should try to cover as many of them as you can! Check the list and decide which awesome experience you’d like to try out first. If you have time, check out some top tourist places in Delhi as well.  Board a few last minute flights in case you cannot book in advance and fly down to Punjab pronto!

1. Catch the Wagah Border Flag Ceremony

One of the absolute must-do things in Punjab is to watch the flag ceremony at Wagah Border. It is the famous tourist attraction in Punjab you simply cannot miss! The soldiers’ march, the fluttering of the flag, and the stunned silence that accompanies the ceremony is surreal to experience. There is nothing like it and you simply have to see to believe how incredible it is!

2. Visit the Golden Temple

When wondering Punjab is famous for which things, the Golden Temple is among the first things that come to mind. Among the holiest sites for Sikhs all over the world, the Golden Temple is a must-visit. If you look for Punjab tourist places pictures online, this is among the top things that you will find. While here, do explore a bit of Amritsar, arguably the best city in Punjab.

3. Watch Kila Raipur Sports Festival

If you’ve never heard of ‘rural Olympics’ then this is among the top must-do things in Punjab for you. This fair is what depicts the vibrant and lively spirit of Punjab best. Think bullock cart races, camel and dog fairs, and whatnot! Situated near Ludhiana, this small village comes alive once a year with these high-octane activities that will leave you thrilled to the very core!

4. Visit Jallianwala Bagh

One of the most significant historical places in Punjab, Jallianwala Bagh is a must visit when arriving on business class flights. You will get an insight into the Indian freedom struggle and the bloodshed that went into it. Hundreds of Indians were cornered and shot dead by the British forces here. The bullet holes are still there and bear testimony to the tragic event.

5. Explore Rock Garden

Arguably one of the unique attractions in the region, a visit to the Rock Garden is among the must-do things in Punjab. This is a fun thing especially if you happen to be an art lover. The brainchild of Nek Chand, the rock sculptures are fantastic to look at. Of all possible shapes and sizes, these sculptures depict the ingenuity of their creator.

6. Down a Patiala peg

Well, there’s a reason a Patiala peg is so famous. Alcohol aficionados will be thrilled this is on the must-do things in Punjab list. A peg in Patiala is different than one elsewhere in the world! What’s so special about it? You have to down one to know what it truly is!

7. Watch Gatka performance

Gatka is traditional Punjabi martial art which uses wooden sticks often paired with a shield. It is taught to children in schools as well. Watching this is among the top must-do things in Punjab for a real insight into its culture and tradition. You can catch a Gatka performance and be left awed by it at the popular Shaheedi Jor Mela.

8. Try Paranthas and lassi

What is Punjab without its paratha and lassi! There is excellent reason Punjabi food is famous all over the world. Downing a glass of cold lassi while gorging on a paratha is among the topmost must-do things in Punjab. If you miss this, it’s as good as never having visited Punjab!

9. Wear a turban and drive a bullet

When you mingle with locals, try wearing a turban and learn the significance of it in the lives of Sikhs. It also happens to be among the famous things to buy in Punjab. Also, driving a bullet is a large part of a Punjabi’s life! So wear a turban Punjabi style, borrow a bullet, and explore Punjab just like a local!

10. Do the Bhangra

One of the absolute must-do things in Punjab is to shake it to Bhangra beats! This energetic traditional dance form of Punjab is famous worldwide. It’s a must-try when in Punjab. If you’re nervous, the foot-tapping music and fellow dancers in vibrant traditional clothes will get you going in no time!

With so many awesome must-do things in Punjab, let there be no delay in planning a trip to this exciting region! So when you, book a ticket from USA to India, make sure it’s for a trip to Punjab. Let inhibitions go and experience North India like never before!

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