Tips For Driving While On Holiday

Obtain a credit card

It is extremely important to get a credit card and it was a lesson I learned the hard way. One week before our trip to Iceland, we realized that our debit card wouldn’t be sufficient and we ended up applying to get a credit card, just a week before we had to leave. This was quite stressful, however, luck was on our side and we got the credit card on time. This is important since the majority of firms will need you to provide a credit card before you can get a rental. This is necessary so that they can easily charge any excesses or if there is damage to the vehicle or even if you get in an accident. 

Keep cash in the vehicle

In order to pay for tolls while driving as well as get drinks or snacks, you should keep some cash in the vehicle. In many cases, these places won’t take card, so the extra cash will come in quite useful. Do note that many National Park entrances have fees that you can only pay in cash. 

Get An International Driving Permit

There are many countries where you will need to have another permit as well as your driving license. Therefore, you should get your International Driving Permit (IDP). You can easily get this for only £5.50 and you can apply at the AA, RAC or the post office. Once you get the permit, it will be valid for a year. In order to determine if you will need to get your international driving permit, be sure to check the AA list to see if your destination is listed. 

Inform people of where you’re driving to

This is important, especially if you’re going somewhere that is offbeat. For example, if you’re driving in Iceland, then you should know that it often has bad weather. So, you can use Safetravel to record your journey. This will ensure that someone will come and find you if things go wrong. 

Share the driving

If you are driving with family members, your significant other, friends or other persons, you should split the driving between them. This will greatly help to reduce your stress and ensure that you get a break from driving. It will also lower fatigue and ensure that everyone has a good chance to enjoy the views and scenery. For long drives along the coast of Scotland take a look at the NC500 accommodation.

Create a map of your route

Sat navs are extremely helpful, however, they don’t always work perfectly and can be quite frustrating. So, it is a good idea to have a back up in the event that technology doesn’t work as it should. You should consider printing out a map that has directions or you can download offline maps on your phone such as Google maps. This will ensure that you’re not lost even if your sat nav battery dies or leads you astray. 

Cozy campervan in Iceland

Exploring Iceland in a cozy campervan is the perfect way to experience the country’s breathtaking landscapes and amazing wildlife. With a campervan, you can enjoy ultimate flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace, without having to worry about accommodation or transport. Cozy campervans offer comfortable sleeping arrangements, allowing you to take in the sights of Iceland while also getting a good night’s sleep. With a cozy campervan in Iceland, you can experience the unique beauty of Iceland while taking advantage of the convenience and comfort that comes with this type of travel. From exploring natural wonders like waterfalls and glaciers to enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose a cozy campervan for your next trip to Iceland.

Be aware that the unexpected can happen

If there is one thing that you should expect, its the unexpected. For example, one time when we were driving in Canada, we actually had to drive past black bears! This was quite unexpected and we definitely practiced more caution after that encounter. 

Keep in mind that you not only have to think about wildlife. There are also potential road works or even closed roads. It doesn’t matter what problem you run into, simply stay calm and look for alternatives. If you’re not sure about an alternative route, be sure to stop and ask someone for help or directions.

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