Things to Know Before Moving to Nantucket


Nantucket is one place that you should visit, especially if you are a free spirit. The island has much to offer, from the calm beaches and the culture to the hospitality of the locals.

It is also an excellent real estate investment hub thanks to its ready market.

However, before moving to this island, you should know several things to prevent a culture shock and know your way through.

For your convenience, we bring you things you need to know to ensure you have a smooth transition on this beautiful island.

1.      Commuting

The first thing to keep in mind is that Nantucket is an island, and commuting won’t be the same as traditional interstate travel. While the island has a good road network, access from the mainland is via air or water transport.

Water transport is the most common form of transport due to its affordability. You can catch a ferry to access the island from the mainland and vice versa.

You may opt for air travel if you are in a hurry. Nantucket has a small airport, where you can catch a Cessna to your destination. High chance you may ride solo on the plane

2.      The Population is Seasonal

The island’s population might be high or low, depending on the time of visit. It peaks during summer, as many tourists visit Nantucket to enjoy its beaches and cool weather. The population will dip during the winter months.

If planning to move to this island, you need to know about the population patterns and see how to keep up with them.

For instance, the off-peak months are the best if you are on a short-term visit and want an affordable stay. If you want loads of fun as you meet new people, the summer is the perfect time to visit Nantucket.

3.      Plenty of Attractions

The first thing many people think of when talking about an island is plenty of beaches and the expansive ocean. While that is a defining factor of Nantucket, it is not the only attraction it is famous for.

Nantucket is home to plenty of museums that showcase its rich history. As a tourist, you need to check out at least a handful of the museums before ending your trip. You also find classy restaurants where you can try out Nantucket’s cuisine.

Other attractions are nature conservancies, picturesque lighthouses, and occasional festivals. There is always something fun to do in Nantucket!

4.      Housing is Costly

You need a place to stay when moving to Nantucket. The recent boom in the island’s real estate sector has hiked the prices of houses, which have been typically high. Getting a home can be hectic, especially if you are on a low budget.

The good news is that the housing scene is very lucrative, and you can buy into the sector as an investor. The demand for houses is high, and you may recoup your investment in a short time.

5.      Nantucket’s History is Precious

A step into this island appears like turning the pages of a history book. The buildings in the town have the centuries-old architecture that the authorities maintain. You need authorization from the Historic District Commission to build a new house or renovate an existing one.

Also, you need permits for painting, which should meet the set color schemes. Following the Historic District Commission regulations can be quite challenging, especially for newcomers.

6.      Nantucket is a Close-Knit Community

The other thing to know when moving to this island is that it is a close-knit society. The town has a population of around 10000, minus the tourists. The locals are friendly and know each other.

If planning to move to Nantucket, you should be ready to be part of the community and participate in various projects.

7.      Soak Yourself into the Island Lifestyle

You must be ready to embrace the island lifestyle if permanently moving to Nantucket. Stock up appropriate clothing for the weather, so you do not feel out of place. Get your sun hats, sundresses, sandals, and other befitting attire for sunny days. You should also have some heavy clothing for the winter months.

Moreover, you may want to learn some skills like fishing, surfing, or boating to fit into the tight-knit Nantucket community.


Nantucket is a haven for the adventurous, with something for everyone. Spend some days on this island to recharge, away from the bustles of urban areas.

Highlighted are things to know about Nantucket before moving in. Have all the necessities in place when traveling to Nantucket for a fulfilling time.

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